2014 UFO Challenge

This is a quick list of finished projects from 2014.  Not in any particular order.....  I'm just glad I actually have pictures of them all! 

I didn't actually blog about them as they happened....  but completed they are... and many on their way to new homes. 

#1 = "Simple Pleasures"  

This started out as exchange blocks from 2012 on the Quilt and Needle.   The top was completed at our guild retreat spring 2014.   In late November, a friend asked if I could do something for his wife for a gift.  "only if you can find a top already made", was my reply.  He chose this one.... and I had it quilted for him the week before Christmas.  This is the first time I've ever accepted money for a quilt.   

Completed Dec. 19, 2014  

#2 - Corbett Donation Quilt  
This was one of three quilts made with donated blocks.... I supplied the extra fabric needed and quilted it .  This measured 58 x 73 

Completed November  29, 2014 

#3. princess frog youth quilt

This little quilt is one that will eventually go to a new home.   It was made with a panel and a couple of pieces found on separate "clearance" tables at different times.  I pieced it on our fall retreat and quilted it when I got home.   I think it turned out sew Cute!  45 x 60 

Completed November  29, 2014 

#4 - wool table runner 

This project came about when I was gifted a box of "Grandma Ada's Quilting" items.  the box contained several of these antique blocks made of suitings.   One condition of the gift was that I made something for Lori, the grandaughter of Ada.   This little table runner is hand quilted.  

Completed July 9 , 2014 

#5 - A Touch of Vegas -  becomes "Faith  and Courage" 
This quilt started as a "quilt along" on the Quilt and Needle.  The pattern was shared with us by Debbieann Allen, of Canada.  I believe it was in 2011 that we started  the project.  
It's been sitting in my "to be quilted" pile for a couple of years now..... waiting for motivations, and purpose.   My neighbor is fighting an agressive breast cancer.  I asked her husband and 6 year old son to pick out a top that was ready for quilting.   I finished quilting it and gave it to her just before she started her chemo therapy treatments.   It's a twin size ( large lap).   Originally called "A touch of Vegas" on the pattern.... I felt that the name "Faith and courage" was more appropriate for the recipient..  both Faith and Courage are needed to get through the darkest hours..... 

 Completed September 25, 2014 

#6 - A baby quilt for Harvest! 

My niece and her hubby started their little family!  This sweet baby quilt was given to her at her baby shower in January.    The pattern is  by Bonnie K. Hunter called "Bricks and Stepping Stones" .   I chose to use some pastel florals from my stash, and this little quilt was done in no time at all.  It measures about 50 x 60".  

Completed January 9 , 2014 

Front side,  quilted 

Back side 

#7  Deer Throw I 

This large throw is for our travel trailer.....  I used a set of panels from the same designer to create two throws that had similar color and theme.  this was the first one finished.  I entered it in our quilt show in May.  

Completed March 2014 

#8 - Seven Sisters Table Topper 

This was started in a class with Gyleen x  Fitzgerald at our 2013 quilt show.  
It looks great on my dining room table!    about 40" across.  I had lots of fun playing with quilting designs on this one. 

Completed   April  2014 

#9 - Wintery Wolves 

I found these wolf panels on vacation for a great price.  It wasn't until I got them home that I realized that the panels were damaged from a hang tag thing that had been inserted in the panel pieces themselves.   I had to come up with a design to use the fabric in the panels... so I decided to use the custom set to use as much as possible.  This quilt is a large lap / twin size.  

Completed Spring  2014 

#10 - Dorm items for Kaleigh 

My granddaughter is in college!  How did that happen?  anyways.... I promised her a duvet cover in her favorite... PINK!    and of course Leopard print.   

The duvet cover, and the pillow shams.... plus covers for some large floor pillows.... and  a laundry bag.....   

Something must have been just right... this bright young lady earned a 4.o her first semester of college away from home in pre-nursing!  I am so proud of her! 

I guess I got more done in 2014 than I had originally thought.....  I'm actually feeling pretty accomplished right now... if you had asked me how many projects I had finished this year, I would have said 2 or 3.   not 10! 

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