Friday, February 1, 2019

February UFO Challenge Projects

February is going to be a busy month! 

  I'm following and joined Judy Laquidera's challenge which is  here:    Judy's challenge
For February,  Judy has picked # 10.    This is a project that has been hanging around since 2009 - 2010.  It was from our guild's Block of the Month for that year.  It's called "A Year in the Garden"  

This quilt is ready for quilting and binding.  

I am also doing a Facebook group challenge here:   American Patchwork and Quilting 2019 UFO Challenge

Here is my List for that challenge:   The number for this February is #6. This is a Round Robin project from 2009.  Needs final borders and some applique work prior to quilting. 

Since our quilt show is in March,  I have two other projects that I've entered that need to be finished by the 15th of March.  (Earlier actually, as I'm show layout chair and will need to have my projects done by March 1st to allow time for show chores).  

The first one is Jamestown Landing,  which has been sandwiched, pin basted and I've started on the quilting.  I'm using a stencil for a large, edge to edge design on my domestic machine.  This quilt has lots of seams,  and it just seemed the way to go, rather than stitch in the ditch quilting with FMQ added.  The pieces are small! 

The other project is "On Ringo Lake",  a Quilt of Valor, and I have arranged to get it quilted on a long arm.  One of our guild members, who does a lot of QOV quilting, has offered to teach me how to run her longarm to quilt this one.   

January UFO Progress!

Yahoo!  I completed both of my main UFO challenge pieces this month!   As I posted earlier in the month, I am participating in two challenges.  The first one is Judy Lacquidera's  monthly UFO challenge at Patchwork Times.  I'm linking to her linky party.   Patchwork Times UFO Challenge

Judy's number this month was #7.   The #7 on my list for her challenge was "Lanterns of Hope".  This will be a Quilt Of Valor.  I was able to complete the quilting and binding this month.   I enjoyed using different quilting motifs in each color area.  

Pattern is "Lanterns of Hope" by HollyAnne Knight at  String and Story.  HollyAnne has also helped me gain confidence in my Free Motion Quilting skills  through classes on her site.  This is quilted on my domestic Janome 9400.   Finished at 60 x 76 approx. 

A great modern twist on the traditional log cabin block. 

This chicken wire pattern is fun to do

Some Swirly Goodness!  I'm so proud of the way they turned out! Paisley's too! 

Woodgrain texture in the deepest reds,  and square spirals in the lightest areas.  

 The second UFO challenge is with a facebook group for American Patchwork & Quilting.  Their number for January was #3.  My number 3 was my second quilt for the 70,273 Project.  This quilt is for the 70,273 Project, which is commemoratin 52  the lives of  people with disabilities that were murdered by the Nazi regime in the early years of WWII. 

You can google the project for more information. . This is the second quilt I've completed this year for this project.  I'm a retired special education teacher and this project pulls at my heart strings.

47 x 60    Commemorates 52 lives lost
Block Details

I can hardly wait to see what numbers are in store for February! 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 UFO Challenges

   I am joining 2 different UFO challenges for 2019.  There is no doubt that I have enough UFO's to go around for about 4... but I'll stick to two.

    I'm following and joining Judy Laquidera's challenge which is  here:    Judy's challenge
For January,  Judy has picked # 7.   This is my "Lanterns of Hope"  a Quilt of Valor that needs to be quilted and bound.   My list for Judy's challenge is here: My 2019 UFO list

Judy is also having a "12 things to Accomplish"  challenge. Judy explains it here.   This is a list of things we want to do this year,  but is not dictated by a list with assigned numbers each month.

I am also doing a Facebook group challenge here:   American Patchwork and Quilting 2019 UFO Challenge

Here is my List for that challenge:   The number for this January is # 3.   My second 70,273 quilt. 

 I have also created a third list of extra UFO projects,  just in case I run out of things to do.  

Clues 6 and 7 Progress

     I'm happy to say, that i am completely up to date with all clues today.    I'm linking to Bonnie Hunter's mystery link up    click here to check out what everyone else is up to .  

Bonnie dropped clue # 7 as an additional clue this week,  and I was able to stitch it all after returning from our New Years celebration on the Oregon Coast yesterday.   

Clue 6 was more string blocks!  I love stitching these. 

Here is a picture of my string bag of neutrals... before starting.  When i opened it, it nearly exploded.   

I pressed several different strips and placed them in a basket to pull from as I worked.  The basket is full,  and my string bag is still busting at the seams.  These things multiply! 

I got all of my neutral string units stitched and trimmed.   I love the variety of prints in these.  They tell a story of their own.  Kind of like a visual archeological journey through my fabric stash. 

     Clue 6 completely done!  Yahoo!  Although I was sort of sad to see that my count  told me I was done... yet I still have so many strings to use up. 

     I then went to work on clue # 7   This clue got us started piecing some of our earlier units together.   One of our assignments was to stitch some of our clue #1 units together into  16 patches.  

     The other part of clue # 7 was stitching units from clue #2 together.  Just when I think I see a pattern,  the numbers just don't work out the way I think they should. LOL 

     Clue # 8 is out tomorrow and I'm anxiously awaiting to see what Bonnie has in store for us next.  

While I was waiting for clue # 6 to come out last week,  I reached for an old unfinished project that I started in a class in 2010.  Judy Niemeyer taught a class at our quilt show that year,  and I still hadn't finished my table runner.   I had seriously forgotten where I was in the process.   Turns out that I had all the small paper pieced points done!  Yahoo! I did need to locate the rest of my background fabric which had long ago been mixed in with my batiks.  Thankfully, I hadn't used it on another project!    

Judy Niemeyer's pattern:  One for All Seasons is the pattern.    I had wanted to do one with rounded flying geese,  but she had sold out of that one in class.  

This is the pattern link:  

About 2 hours of putting the smaller units together, and I had the finished top for this tablerunner.    Just needs to be quilted now.  It's on my 2019 UFO list. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Good Fortune Clue # 5 and other Quilty Progress this Week

    It is time to link up to Bonnie Hunter's Monday Linky Party.   check it out here!

     This last week,  I finished all of clue # 5.  Finished trimming and pressing the remainder of clue #3,  cut the rest of what I needed for clue # 2,  and cut more little squares for clue # 1.  I was then able to get all the rest of clues #1 and # 2 sewn, pressed and counted.  I am officially caught up on the mystery clues!  Yeah!  Probably won't happen again next week, because we will be gone for 5 days this next week.  

    I made a couple more pillow cases for the boys next door who love baseball.   

    I also worked on Jamestown Landing this last week.  It's all assembled and is now a complete top.   I'm hoping to get this one quilted early this winter,  so I can enter it in our quilt show in March.  

      Merry Christmas!   We keep things pretty simple here at our house.  We do a tree and a few outdoor lights,  but gifts are kept to a very few.  (We do gifts for our grandkids and a little something for our neighbor boys.)   I even cut way back on cards this year.   Mike and I haven't really exchanged gifts for over 10 years.  We are so blessed!  If there is something either one of us really and truly wants,  we discuss, then decide.  We don't buy on credit,  and try to find good buys on what we do get.  We are not afraid to buy good used items either.    This all means that we can concentrate on the true meaning of the season which is  the birth of Jesus and quality time with family and friends.   

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Clue # 4

     I am linking this post to the Linky party for Bonnie Hunter's mystery. 

      Click here to check out everyone's progress

     Clue # 4 of Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery is string piecing!   I love string piecing for many reasons.  

     First, it is like Zen to just pick a string and stitch it to the one already stitched in place.  

    Second,  it's done with thin pieces that would otherwise be unused by most of us.   For me, my strings are generally the narrow strips that I cut to even off a piece of fabric before measuring concise strips.  They may be wonky and  have some frayed edges.  Sometimes, strings are the last amount left on a cut of fabric that is too narrow to be used in block components.  

     Third, the variety and texture found in string blocks can span decades of time and  many genres of fabrics such as novelty prints, tone on tone textures, geometric, floral, solids, reproduction and modern.  

     I sorted my pinkish strings to find the ones that were in the shades of pinks that I had already picked for my color palette.    The basket is full of my choices.   I didn't have as many strings in my string stash that were in this color range,  so  I added by cutting the first cut off of my  pressed pinks that may be used later.    

 I only wish I had needed to make more!    Here are some of my blocks: 

     There is a lot of history in these prints.  Some have been lurking in my stash for 10 years or more.  Others are newer additions,  and some are even one-off strings that have been gifted to me by other quilters.  

     I can't wait to see what clue # 5 has in store for us this week. 

      In other quilty pursuits this last week,  I am nearly finished with clue 3.  I have 30 units left to trim and press and then I'll be done!   Yeah!  I also finished stitching the clue 1 and clue 2 pieces that I had cut to use as leaders and enders.    I need to cut and prep more of each clue, but I am over the 1/2 way on clue 1  and about 75% done with clue 2.  Progress at any pace is progress, right?  

     I've been working on Jamestown Landing as my main project, and have webbed 3 of 5 columns for the center of the top.    Had to stitch more Half-Square triangles into the Broken Dishes blocks before webbing the rest.  Those are now stitched and ready to press.  

    I also took the time to stitch some Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers pillow cases for a gift exchange this week.  They stitch up quickly and I had the fabric prepped and left over from  when I helped my students make pillow cases 2 years ago at school.  That was a really fun project that involved more of my male students than females.  They really enjoyed using the machines. 

    One of my biggest accomplishments this week was hemming a pair of jeans for my hubby!  Somehow, mending is not at the top of my list of things to do for fun,  but occasionally it's necessity. 

I also made 4 little cosmetic size bags from a mini charm square pack that was given to me as a challenge last year at Christmas by a quilting sister.  The snag was that we were each to use the charm pack before this Christmas.   Well,  dinner was last night, so I waited until 3 days before the deadline to get started.    It was serendipity that the charm pack was a shabby chic Paris type of print,  and that I had participated in a rose fabric swap several years ago, and just happened to have batting scraps,  some fabric that would coordinate and  even zippers here at home.  SCORE!  

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Clue #3

     It is week three of Bonnie Hunter's  "Good Fortune Mystery".   I'm linking up to Bonnie's Linky Party here:   Linky party week 3

Warm Winter Wishes Quilt  

     I did get "Warm Winter Wishes" quilted this last week.  I love the way it turned out.  This was quilt #10 that I've moved from the  "to be Quilted" pile to the "done".  I still have at least 10 in that pile, but I had promised myself that  I would not work on piecing anything else until I had finished 10 of those  "tops waiting for some quilty love".    It feels so good to reach this milestone.  

    So having reached the completion of #10,  I am able to bring out the next chapters....  I've been working on "Jamestown Landing" in greens rather than blues,  a Bonnie Hunter quilt for nearly 2 years now, a leaders and enders to get the mountain of 840 half square triangles done.    My plan of attack is to work on Jamestown landing, while doing the current mystery, "Good Fortune" as leaders and enders.   

This is the final batch! 

My project box....  string pieces done.... 

Getting started on the Triangles  
This is Jamestown Landing in Blues... 

This one isn't mine,  but it's the same color... greens and neutrals 

     Mystery Progress?   I am about 60% done with Clue #1   10% done with clue #2  and 40% done with clue #3.   All pieces are cut for both clues 2 and 3.  I'm working clue #1 from the little squares in my Scrap Users System rather than from strip sets.  

Clue #3   First Test blocks 

   I posted my color choices here.... Click here for blog post