Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a wrap! My Dresden Plate quilt is finished!

Finally!  I got this quilt finished.   It was my February UFO quilt... and I got it finished on the 5th of March... so not too bad....

If you haven't heard (or read) the story.... I purchased the antique rings in 1999.  I then hand appliqued them with a needle turn technique to some muslin.  (this process took me a little over  a year of on again, off again handwork.)  

Then I needed a setting for 11 blocks.   A weird number..... but I did not want to make a 12th block. 

The setting I used was in an old quilt magazine, (can't remember the name, or the date) from the mid to late 80's.  I photocopied the pages I would need,  and purchased the blue fabric.   The original pattern had 4 dresden plates in the four corners, and then a scalloped border on four sides to make it a double size.   I had orignally planned on just using the solid blue for the corners, and leaving the scallops off, to make a twin size quilt.   

As I got around to piecing the top together 3 years ago.... I miscut the corners, (imagine that after 10 years, I had misplaced some of the pages).   And to make matters worse,  I did not have enough fabric to fix the situation.  I chose the scrappy block for the corners, and made 4 of them using my reproduction 30's.   (I felt that new dresden plates would look too new).   

The new corners I made with those blocks, were also not the right size, and I had a top that would not lay flat.  

Fast forward to now,  and by adding a "coping strip" to the corners,  I was able to get the top to lay nice and flat. 

Since I really wanted this quilt to have a vintage feeling to it,  I decided to quilt it with a grid.   This will be a quilt that will stay in my personal quilt collection.   I don't have plans to give it to anyone anytime soon.    

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stash Report Week 10

I haven't kept up each week with my stash report, but I haven't had something to report most of these last few weeks as far as stash progress goes. 

I've backed another quilt, and got some quilting done, and a little stash enhancement... so here I am...

I found the fabric I need for an internet challenge, and besides... batiks were on sale!  While at the fabric store, I just had to check out the sale room, and there were some great black and white prints for $3.50 a yard, so I grabbed those.  I also picked up the border fabric for an upcoming baby quilt a week or two ago.

I backed the dresden plate quilt and it's nearly finished!  YEAH! 

Used this Week:   5 yards
Used year to Date: 17.5 yards

Added this Week: 21 yards

Added year to Date: 148.5 yards
Net used for 2012: -131.00 yards

Thread spools at start of 2012: 294
Thread spools emptied this week:     1
Thread spools emptied year to date: 10
Thread spools remaining : 284