Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

     Well, it's been a long day, but here on the Pacific coast... I still have 4 minutes before Wednesday is over. 
     I went to WW yesterday after work, and had a successful week!  My total weight loss in 2 weeks was 4.6 pounds.   Yeah!   and the best part, is that I haven't felt hungry between meals...
     One of my strategies is to pack my lunch bag full of ziplock bags with healthy snacks in portiaon sizes, with the points marked on the outside of the bag with a sharpie marker.  
     I've tried a couple of recipes that I've enjoyed.  One being a tofu noodle that I read about on . She has a recipe  that uses the light version of Laughing Cow cheese.  I added some broccoli and mushrooms and baked it.  A very tasty version of Fettuccini Alfredo for less than 5 points! Now I'm not a huge tofu fan... so this was a huge risk for me... DH would have a fit if he knew I actually had tofu in our fridge... so I'm not telling!  I bought a package of the angel hair version as well and will try it one day next week. 
     She says it's one point, but with the broccoli and mushrooms, I used 3 wedges of the Laughing Cow, and the grated italian cheese blend I had on hand was not the reduced fat variety.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Update - week 4

Week 4 has come and gone....

I did do some sewing this week... but it doesn't amount to much coming from my stash.... in fact if I figure the bag of scraps i brought home that were gifted to me..... (maybe I should figure them out in poundage).....  2 bags full of strings to add to my string bins.  Any help in how to figure that out in yardage... let me know.

I pieced a back for a charity quilt, that goes in the mail this week..... and I stitched a few exchange blocks that took another very small dent.....
Here are my totals to date:

Used this Week:                        4  yards
Used year to Date:                  6.5 yards

Added this Week:                       0 yards

Added year to Date:            102.5 yards
Net used for 2012:             -96.00 yards

Thread spools at start of 2012:             294
Thread spools emptied this week:            0
Thread spools emptied year to date:        9
Thread spools remaining :                    285

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

I feel like I did pretty good this last week!   But,  when I went for weigh-in yesterday,  our meeting place was locked up tighter than a drum.... snow closure, and I hadn't thought to think about it..... Today is another snow day in our district, so I can't go to the Wed. meeting either. 

My unofficial weigh in at home lets me think that I lost between 3 and 4 pounds.  I had 10 exercise points and 10 points plus left over for the week.  

My biggest hurdles are going to be weekend breakfasts with hubby,  and those Friday night glasses of wine.... I have my work cut out for me to find a happy medium.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stash report - week 3

Not a tremendous amount of sewing this week,  but I did get a few more swap items and blocks for charity quilts done and crossed off the list. 

I had hoped to get a quilt pinbasted yesterday, but it didn't happen..... so hopefully this next week.

Here are my totals to date:

Used this Week:                          1 yards
Used year to Date:                   2.5 yards

Added this Week:                        0 yards

Added year to Date:               102.5 yards
Net used for 2012:               -100.00 yards

Thread spools at start of 2012:           294
Thread spools emptied this week:           2
Thread spools emptied year to date:       9
Thread spools remaining :                   285

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesdays

 I have officially started Weight watchers!    It is free with our insurance package at work, so it's pretty hard to argue with that... and I must do something to keep the scales from climbing.  

 My first weigh in was yesterday, and while I wasn't trying to keep one foot off the scale... I did wear my shoes for the first weigh in....

I threatened to put a few D cell batteries in my pockets... but decided against it.

My starting weight?   182.2..... with clothes...  when I got home and used my home scale... it said I was 178 with the same clothes.... so  I have a 4 pound scale discrepency... guess I need to figure out how to adjust the digital at home..... somehow....

I'm going to try post my progress here on a regular basis..... 

My goal weight?   I'm thinking about 150 would feel great..... if I could get there and keep it off.  

I'm off to try to find one of those tracker gidget gadget things.....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stash report week 2

ok.... I fell off the wagon for sure this week... but as I mentioned last week, I can't resist a good deal.....
A local craft store is having their annual  flat fold sale this month.....
How does a girl resist fabrics at $3.99 a yard.... or $3.00 a yard... or even $2.00 a yard?  
I can't... I know that.... I tried... believe me... I really did try....

The sale wasn't supposed to start until Wednesday.   But on my way to get groceries, I decided to stop in to see what they had.... and they had started the sale early... no one was in the store... I had access to 2 wonderful clerks to cut my fabric for me.... and I went way overboard.....

Believe it or not... this is 102.5 yards of fabric... all stacked up on the counter so I can pay for it.....
My bill totalled $317.44 !!!!   So I really did stick to fabrics that were a bargain...

These are name brands... PB textiles,  Red Rooster, Hoffman, Robert Kaufman, Timeless Treasures, SouthSea Imports, Michael Miller, etc.  

I got all 10 yards of that yellow with the lime green, turquoise, and brown dots.... It will make great backing and borders.     There are 3 yards in that piece with the wild peace signs... it will be great for a teen or youth quilt... borders... I'm thinking.  

See the multi-colored dots in the center stack... about 2/3 from the top???  There are 8 yards of that between the 2 pieces.... should work for backing on several little quilts. 

I did manage to come home with some tone on tones and blenders....

Now... the sale runs all month.. and they'll get several shipments of new fabrics.. so I may have to go back.... but meanwhile... I need to get these washed and worked into the fabric wall in my stash room.... maybe I'll make a list of colors I could use more of before I go back.... LOL .

Used this Week: 1.5 yards
Used year to Date: 1.5 yards

Added this Week:  102.5
Added year to Date:  102.5
Net used for 2012: -101.00

Thread spools at start of 2012-           294
Thread spools emptied year to date:       7
Thread spools remaining -                   287


Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I'm going to try to stay on top of  this in 2012.... I usually think about it on Thursday.... part of the problem is that my design wall often gets put away, so it's out of sight.... out of mind...

I'm been working on this for about 2 months now....(like I said... it got put away... out of sight, out of mind...)  it will be for a nephew who is about ready for high school, and his baby quilt I made him is looking well loved. 

I purchased this panel and the companion print while on vacation a couple of years ago....  after  I cut the panel parts I wanted,  all the rest of that piece got cut up into squares to use for the setting 4 patches...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge

Well,  the year is off to a big start!  Judy has randomly chosen #5 for the January 2012 UFO....

for me... this means that I'll work to complete  "Annie's Fortune"

This was an internet mystery quilt that I started in Oct. 2010 by Jessica Smith at the Quilt & Needle.  I got the top assembled during the 2011 UFO challenge... but didn't get this one quilted or bound.  I did get the backing purchased.... and pre-washed,  so I'm getting there..... I think this measures about 84 x 84.  It was made entirely from stash fabrics.    All it needs is to be sandwiched, pin basted and quilted.   I think I should be able to handle this.... LOL   Wish me luck....

Are you participating in the UFO challenge?    Go to the tabs at the top of my blog to see the 12 quilts I have chosen to finish this year.....   

Happy New Year... and Stash Report Checkin

My stash goal for 2012:

Use more from the existing stash, than I purchase new....

Since my stash is huge,  you would think that this would be an easy goal.... but I have to admit that, well,  I just LOVE fabric!   And... I have severe impulse control when I find a great sale.  Ok,  I've admitted it publicly.....

I really need to contain my stash to the area I've allotted for it... and I've crammed about as much organizational help into this room as I can.... so it is what it is...  In order to maintain some sense of control in my life, it must remain behind the partially closed door of my stash room... I must be able to walk through to find what I need to get at... it must remain somewhat organized.... and I have to share the space with my other obsession of cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies.  (It's a good thing that my third obsession is an outdoor activity, and that I don't have to store my gardening supplies or plants in this room, and with an acre and a quarter I still have lots of room to plant and dig.)

It feels good to start the year off with a clean slate.  With the 1st of the year starting on a Sunday,  I'll start with a zero all the way down the board...

Stash Report:  Week #1 - January 1, 2012

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 0 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net Used for 2012: 0 yards

I'll report:

Tops as completed
Backing as used when a quilt is pin basted (pretty much committed  at this point, dont you think? )
Binding  when finished
Purchases as they come home

How are you going to do with your stash in 2012?   Come join us as we participate in Judy Laquidara's Weekly Stash Report at