Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesdays

 I have officially started Weight watchers!    It is free with our insurance package at work, so it's pretty hard to argue with that... and I must do something to keep the scales from climbing.  

 My first weigh in was yesterday, and while I wasn't trying to keep one foot off the scale... I did wear my shoes for the first weigh in....

I threatened to put a few D cell batteries in my pockets... but decided against it.

My starting weight?   182.2..... with clothes...  when I got home and used my home scale... it said I was 178 with the same clothes.... so  I have a 4 pound scale discrepency... guess I need to figure out how to adjust the digital at home..... somehow....

I'm going to try post my progress here on a regular basis..... 

My goal weight?   I'm thinking about 150 would feel great..... if I could get there and keep it off.  

I'm off to try to find one of those tracker gidget gadget things.....


  1. I am so proud of you to brave the regular weight loss posts. I will join you in spirit! I know you can do it,

  2. Good for you! And good luck as well. Losing weight and keeping it off has been a lifelong battle for me so I'm cheering you on all the way!