Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

We had a "dark week" last week, so when I weighed in this week, it was for a two week time period.  I have lost another 1.2 pounds.   I'm just starting to notice some of my clothes fitting differently.... my jeans with the spandex that I wear the most, must have been stretched just about to their max when i started this process,  because they aren't falling off of me yet, LOL.  I did wear a pair of non-stretch jeans last week, and they were loose on me.   PROGRESS!  My overall measurements haven't changed too much yet,  but it will happen eventually.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Annual Quilt Show

Well,  it's been a long week,  but our quilt show is officially over for another year!   It always feels good to have this behind us.   I was in charge of where the quilts were laid out.  Set up day was Wed.... and it was a long one.... We got started early... before 8 am... and it was right at 8 pm when I finally climbed into the truck to head home.... 32,000 steps on my pedometer later. 

Over 200 wonderful quilts and wearable art items plus lots of fabulous vendors... I purchased two extension tables to extend my quilting surface,  and some rulers for free motion ruler work.   I tried to keep my fabric purchases to a minimum,  but came home with about 10 yards of fabric.

Our show is a peoples choice show... and visitors our first 2 days choose their favorites in several categories.....  then the ribbons go up for the 3rd day.  

This is our Peoples choice... the most votes of all quilts.... First place for piecing... and first place for hand guide long arm quilting... plus the show chairmans' favorite.....  This gal deserved them all.   She saw a picture of this quilt which was about 3"..... and replicated it without a pattern to go by!   There are heat set zwarovsky crystals on the points and centers.....  As if the workmanship wasn't enough... this young woman made this quilt while her huband was dying of brain cancer..... it was her solice during a very dark time in her life.   Hearing her story brought you to tears....  She has titled her quilt... "He Calms My Raging Soul".

Stash Report Week 14

It has been 4 weeks since I last reported... and in that time frame... I've finished quilting a quilt... but have not used any more....  but I've built on my stash totals  ...

Used this  Month:                  0 yards
Used year to Date:           17.5 yards

Added this Month:              67  yards

Added year to Date:       215.5 yards
Net used for 2012:     -196.00 yards

Thread spools at start of 2012: 294
Thread spools emptied this month:      2
Thread spools emptied year to date: 12
Thread spools remaining : 282