Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 2013 "Get it Done !!!! "

This is my March "Get it Done! List.... this is a spin off from the UFO challenge that Judy Laquidera at Patchwork Times sponsored previously.   This year, we are listing some things we want to accomplish each month... they don't have to be UFO's necessarily.....  all my progress noted in red... 

My March List..... 

Swap and exchange items:
1.  make  7 and send off 6 "Weathervane"   Blocks for swap (leftover from February list)  = stitched and mailed 
2.  make 7 and send off 6  "Sunlight and shadow" blocks for swap  
3.   make 7 and send off 6   "Lover's Knots" blocks for swap
4.   Paint chip challenge #1 for yahoo group
5.   Paint chip challenge #2 for Q&N challenge
6.   Birthday block for Tiffany birthday swap = stitched and ready to mail 3/2
7.   Birthday block for Lynn - birthday swap 
8.   4 green and pastel and White quilt auntie blocks 
9.   red and white strip swap fabrics  =  mailed 
10.  finalize paper piece star to test block for QOV
11,  QOV flying geese for borders of project
12,    Stocking stuffer exchange gift  =  mailed 

 Charity  projects:
1. mini quilt for guild raffle project
2. make something for silent auction 

 Personal projects: 
1.  Tiramisu and French silk Pie quilt for Katy's  and Chris' wedding gift  = started.... 3 of 7 rows complete... all block components stitched 
2.  Triple Irish Chain quilt for Katy's and Chris' wedding gift 
3.   Quilt  deer panel quilt for motorhome

Handwork project: 
1.  Work on antique wool string blocks   = stitched most of the border!  

I didn't make much headway in February.... it was a crazy month.... I'm hoping that I can make great strides in March... I have a quilting retreat and spring break, so I can always think positive, right? 

I started a new project!

It wasn't on my February List...

We purchased a new travel trailer this month.... which has a lovely color pallete in it's interior....
but the designer really took a short cut when they planned the comforter for the bed.....  they used a "reversible" solid dark brown and solid cream comforter, which the company could use in all their models this year....  great for the company... but the walls are a dark grey/brown color, and the bedroom is very small, and the dark brown was too dark.... and the light side was too light.... (and not practical)....
so I had to make something "JUST RIGHT"..... lol  I'm beginning to feel like Goldilocks.

Dear hubby wanted something with wildlife.   I would have liked a simple leafy design, but I aim to please... so we went panel hunting together.  

Loved the panel... but not  so much the writing at the bottom.....   so I decided to inset a little series of flying geese where the writing is...

This is after I've added the first "coping" border strips.... but it looks pretty good! 

Then a set of  "leafy themed"  four patches....  (I knew I'd get my way somehow!) 

Next came another coping border in a goldish tone of Stonehenge....  and then some flying geese. 

 I used a different Stonehenge fabric that is dark brown, black and small spots of white around the outside edge.   It finishes at 83 x 83...   

It looks so nice in there... that I hate to bring it in to quilt it!