Sunday, February 26, 2017

Stash Report

 Here is my lastest stash report. 

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Since my last report  on 2/12: 
  • I've pieced a lap top from finished blocks... used a small amount of Kona white, but since it's not done yet... I cannot count it.   The Kona white I used, was the end of what do had... and since I need more for two quilts I'm working on,  I had to do some shopping.  I'm proud that I came out with just the Kona White... on sale at 50% off! 

Fabric 2017

     Fabric Used Since last report : 0 yards 
     Fabric Used year to Date: 34 yards
     Fabric Added since last report: 8 yards of Kona White 
     Fabric Added Year to Date: 8 yards
     Net Fabric  as of last report:  0
 yards used

     Net Fabric for 2017:  Net 26 yards Used 

Batting  2017: 

     Batting used since last report:  0

     Batting used year to date: 3 3/4 yards used from bolt PLUS  7 doll quilts, 5 laps (45" squared), and one table runner  from my bins of batting scraps approx 3 1/2 yards worth 
     Batting added since last report: 0 yards
     Batting added year to date:  40 yards (Jan purchase) 
     Net Batting as of last report:  - 0 yard 
     Net Batting for 2017: increase of 32 1/2   yards 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Marble Madness!

     Way back in 2007....Oh, wait.... has it really been 10 years?    My sweet hubby asked if I would make a quilt for a dear friend.   Since he collects marbles as a hobby,  I thought that a "Marble" quilt would be a great idea!   

     My fabric stash is on the traditional side,  and I had one piece of batik to my name.   This meant some serious stash shopping was in order.    So off I went!  Hubby asked for a quilt,  and it gave me the excuse to fondle some fabric!  

     Thinking of marbles, and all the bright swirly colors,  that is what I brought home.   I used a pattern in a Fons and Porter "Love of Quilting" Magazine  date unknown, because I don't have the magazine anymore.  

My original blocks looked like this... 

I laid them all out on my design wall,  and Mike told me 
that he thought they were too bright and busy!  

What?  I had like 35 of each of them! 

Good thing I hadn't added the center circle appliqued marble to all the snow ball blocks yet!  Although I had a rainbow collection of circles all cut out ready to go. 

So... Back I went to the fabric store... where I purchased a more subdued beige marble fabric.  A different design to work with, using the colored marble centers, and this is the finished product that we gave our friend, Tom.   

Marble Madness   December 2007

Close up of quilt  

  Tom and myself  December 2007

Looks like we were all pretty happy with the final results... 

Fast forward  10 years,  and in the process of  digging out UFO's and  project remnants I ran across the nearly 70 blocks that I originally made that got discarded.  They are bright... I'll give them that!    

I've finished the top for 45" square lap quilt for donation to our guild last week.  It's waiting for quilting.  

Marble Madness Lap top.  45 x 45   February 20, 2017

 I've also mapped out a quilt on EQ7 that will finish as an almost twin size.  
I needed more Kona White,  seems I've been using a lot of it lately....  the finished product will be donated to a group that gives quilts to previous foster kids who have decided to mentor new foster children. 

EQ design for 65 x 81 quilt 

I'll even be able to use up those bonus triangles from the snow ball blocks!  SCORE! 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm still digging...

     This "clean up" project I started just keeps giving!   I feel like I'm on an Archeological dig,  working my way back through history. 

4 lap quilts heading to our guild meeting tomorrow!   Finally... some sunshine to photograph these in.  

     I started quilting back in 1974,  while in college.  My sister-in-law and I took our first quilting class together,  when the Bi-Centennial quilt revival was getting started.   We're talking cardboard templates and scissors!  No rotary cutters, long arm machines,  or rulers with grids.
45" lap quilt from rejected project blocks 

     We've come a long way, Baby!  I've finished college, moved away, moved back home, moved out again, met my hubby and we've moved 7 times in 31 years.  I still have some of that original stash hanging around from those early days.   I'm determined to use it up!

45" lap made from blocks donated to a group I quilt with. These were leftover from a twin size quilt I finished in 2016.  Finally used them all up!  Yeah!  I had fun quilting this one with a random overall loop and daisy design.  The back is made with some leftover pieces of blues that backed the original twin.  double win!


     I have tamed scraps that were piling up and overflowing the box at the end of my table.  We had company for a week last month, and we moved everything out of the center of my stash room, to put up the queen size air bed.  Three weeks later, I'm still sorting and putting away small bits and pieces.  Having 10 snow days off of work gave me plenty of time inside to sort and play while hubby watched movies across the room. 

12 rejected blocks from a previous 2009 project.  45" lap quilt. The white areas just kept telling me to put something leafy and scroll-like there.  

     So far,  I've un-earthed: Leftover blocks from several quilts, some blocks that have been given to me to "do something with",  and several "small block components" such as small half square triangles,  tiny 9 patch and 4 patch blocks.   I've pressed and trimmed to common, usable sizes. 

  •  Irish chain quilt - 15 leftover chain blocks - 
  •  blue/ white blocks - enough for alternate blocks for a QOV 
  • 35 black / white blocks  leftover from a quilt in 2014
  • some Yellow brick road blocks -enough for a youth quilt if I made 2 more...
  • 98 half square triangles from a project in 2003!  (You know, those flip and fold triangles... these are 3 1/2"  so there are enough there for a lap quilt
  • Same pattern, different quilt,  I only have 67 from the second quilt. I can add to these with some of the fabric still in my stash to make another lap quilt 
  • Rejected blocks from a mystery quilt, that I re-made with different fabric 
I've played with some of these as I've worked through them, just to keep them moving through the pipeline.  In the last 3  weeks I've finished tops and done the quilting for: 

 Toy n Joy Doll quilts   going to our guild meeting tomorrow night 

  • 5 doll quilts (mostly using up the odd 4 or 6 blocks from previous projects)  These are all about 24" square.
  • 1 lap quilt 45" square  made with blocks that I rejected in the middle of a project in 2009.  They  got me so close, I only had to add borders. 
Study in Pinks and Blues -  45" square.  I'd like to say there isn't any more of these fabrics in my stash, but if I did, I'd be telling stories.  

My orphan block bin has shrunk!  My drawer of misc. pieces/ etc is 1/2 of what it was 3 weeks ago.  I'm making progress, and bagging these in like size / or color groups to do something with SOON! 

I also found UFO's!  (not on my official UFO list) 

  • two baby quilt makings from 14 years ago 
  • two home made kits for donation quilts in red/ white/ black
  • the beginnings of a Quilt of Valor (28  6 1/2" friendship stars).. there is a quilt in the making now, I've planned it out on EQ this evening. 
  • 2 more Thomas the Tank Engine baby quilts, all cut, ready to sew. 
  • All the blocks for a large lap for a dear family friend that my hubby rejected.  (He said they were too bright and busy for the intended recipient) 
I'm not done!   there's more,  I'm sure of it!  


Stash Report February 12, 2017

     Here is my lastest stash report.  I'm feeling very positive right now.   Yesterday, I was looking for a new chalk wheel.  I walked all the way through Fabric Depot to the notions wall.  They didn't have exactly what I had in mind,  so I walked all the way back,  I fondled a few bolts along the way,  but left the store completely empty handed! 

I'm linking with Judy Laquidara's blog  

Since my last report 
  • I completed a blue and orange doll quilt  1  yard
  • An orange & coral log cabin doll quilt   1  yard
  • Two more doll quilts using some 9 patch blocks   2  yards 
  • A lap quilt  that is gold, rust and green 4 yards
  • Brown flannel lap top    2 yards 
                                    10 yards used  

Fabric 2017

     Fabric Used Since last report : 10 yards 
     Fabric Used year to Date: 34 yards
     Fabric Added since last report: 0 yards
     Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards
     Net Fabric  as of last report:  10
 yards used

     Net Fabric for 2017: 34 yards Used 

Batting  2017: 

     Batting used since last report:  ALL Scraps!   estimate 1 yard total 

     Batting used year to date: 3 3/4 yards used from bolt PLUS  7 doll quilts, 5 laps (45" squared), and one table runner  from my bins of batting scraps approx 3 1/2 yards worth 
     Batting added since last report: 0 yards
     Batting added year to date:  40 yards (Jan purchase) 
     Net Batting as of last report:  - 1 yard 
     Net Batting for 2017: increase of 32 1/2   yards