Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April ... May... June.. July and August! - get it Done!

This is my April  "Get it Done! List.... this is a spin off from the UFO challenge that Judy Laquidera at Patchwork Times sponsored previously.   This year, we are listing some things we want to accomplish each month... they don't have to be UFO's necessarily.....  all my progress noted in red... 

My April  List..... and May... and June... and July... and AUGUST!   

Swap and exchange items:
1.   make 7 and send off 6  "Sunlight and shadow" blocks for swap (March             leftover)  Mailed 5/12/2013 
2.   make 7 and send off 6   "Lover's Knots" blocks for swap (March leftover)         - Mailed 5/12/2013  
3.   QOV flying geese for borders of project - completed August 11, 2013
4.   Paint chip challenge #1 for yahoo group (March leftover)
      Decided Not to Enter - too much on my plate...
5.   Paint chip challenge #2 for Q&N challenge Decided Not to Enter 
      too much on my plate...
6.   stitch 6 polka dot happy blocks for swap - completed and Mailed April 30
7.   Birthday block for Lynn - birthday swap (March leftover) - Mailed 
8.   4 green and pastel and White quilt auntie blocks (March leftover)                  Completed and Mailed April 15, 2013
9.   Stocking stuffer exchange gift
10.  finalize paper piece star to test block for QOV - completed August 8,2013

 Charity  projects:
1. mini quilt for guild raffle project finished just before our quilt show in May! 
2.  stitch backing for QOV
3.  stitch backing for lodge block quilt

 Personal projects: 
1.  Tiramisu and French silk Pie quilt for Katy's  and Chris' wedding gift Top completed ready for pin basting and quilting 05/25/2013
2.  Triple Irish Chain quilt for Katy's and Chris' wedding gift  - Top done!  ready for pin basting and quilting....  07/01/2013
3.   Quilt  deer panel quilt for travel trailer - completely finished and on the bed  (before our vacation) 07/10/2013

Handwork project: 
1.  Work on antique wool string blocks  -I 've got more done... getting close to finishing this one... 08/13/2013

I didn't make much headway in March .... it was a crazy month.... it proved to be crazier than February! LOL