Friday, December 28, 2012

Pirates for Preston

This is the quilt I made for Scyler's little brother Preston.   *see previous post

The economy blocks are 9" finished.... and seemed like a great way to showcase the novelty fabric I had left over after I had cut the borders.     This is some fabric that also came from deep in my stash.... I found it on a clearance table for 50% off the clearance price  about 4 years ago.  the backing is a coordinate print.   

I quilted it simply... stitched in the ditch around each fabric, and stippled the borders.   This was a fun, quick quilt to finish. 

Hearts Galore!

This little quilt is actually one of Jess's mystery designs from The Quilt and Needle  .  It was last
December's mystery quilt called "Foreshadowing" .   I chose to make the smaller quilt, since that is the size I normally gift to others.   I did add a top and bottom border to extend the size to my normal 45 x 60 approx size for youth.

This was a fun quilt to do... and Jess's designs are always fun to do.... I am always amazed at how her mind works to put blocks together.  

Hearts Galore 
I had purchased the two heart fabrics about 16 years ago, when my 17 year old granddaughter was just a baby.  I never did get her something made with this fabric.... so it got put to use with some bright fabrics that coordinated with the  prints.   This picture does not show how bright the prints are in real life... (my phone camera does not have a flash..)   Below is a picture of my fabrics before cutting.

I had the top completed  the weekend of the mystery last December, but its been waiting for a recipient before I started to quilt......   I used my Janome 7700 to quilt in the ditch to help set off the dimensional look of the fabrics being stacked.  Then kept with the heart theme to add more interest in the squares.  I alternated the hearts in the mid border region.... but it's hard to see, and then did a free motion  simple large stipple on the end borders. 
I love the backing fabric!  I found that on sale..... and it's a perfect fit for the top fabric, don't you agree?
This quilt is going to a 5 year old who is the granddaughter of a friend.  Her daddy has been clean and sober for almost 3 years now, and was just granted legal custody of her and her little brother.  Their mom is still struggling with treatmentt and drug abuse.    It only seemed right that these two darlings had something to snuggle with.  I'm so glad they get to live together again. * they've been separated for the last year.     My next post will have the quilt I made for her little brother.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's a Girl!

I have made a quilt for every niece and nephew for the last 25 years..... so when Victoria (Tori) Rae Adams came into this world in September.... it was not at all a question as to whether I was making her a quilt or not... it was just a question as to what I was going to do......

Work was crazy busy this fall!  I had a hard time wrapping my head around what I wanted to make for this bundle of joy.

Then... while digging through the clearance bins and JoAnns on a 50% off already clearance day,  I found a bolt  this fabric.....  there was enough for borders.   At the price of $1.50 a yard.... I bought it.  Thinking I would use something different on the back.    But a trip to a second JoAnn's later that same weekend... I found another piece... which had just the right amount for a back!  

I usually try to avoid "infant" looking prints when making baby quilts... but this was such a cute print..... and the proud parents were super happy to be adding a baby girl to their family..... big brother Liam is now 4.   I had plenty of the right coordinating colors to do something in the center....

And I decided to keep it really simple!   Large 4 patch blocks..... but it looks so sweet and girlie.....  I also like the serpentine stitch for baby quilts... I know it catches all the seam allowances, making it very sturdy and washer friendly. 


Quiet Solitude

It seems like it's been forever since I had a finish to report... I may have to start posting more posts about progress..... 

With time off from school,  I've had a chance to do some stitching!

Quiet  Solitude
This finish is for a friend of ours.... who has done a lot for Mike.  Mike wanted to find a way to thank him for his friendship and help.   What better than a quilt?    Mike chose the panels I used from my stash..... and they were actually the set that I liked the least.... they were so brown and dull looking.   

I found them on a clearance bin.... and they had been flat folded,  with one of those plastic tag thingies, which had ripped holes in the part of the fabric that connected the panels..... since I was planning on cutting them apart anyway, it was no big deal...... cost of the 6 panels was about  $1.oo each!   I love a bargain!.    I had a deer print to use with it, made by a different manufacturer, so it is more  green... and the green is bluer than the green in the panels.     Trying to find the right green in my stash was challenging.. but I found one that was just right!   

I decided that I needed to bring the green out in the panels, so chose the 9 patch sashings and cornerstones......  the more sashings I made, the better the panels looked up on the design wall! 


I had wanted to use a small inner border... but all the rusty pieces I had were either too red... or too orange... I just didn't have the right piece in my stash to work with... so after auditioning a whole bunch of fabric that still needs to be put back, I decided to just do without. 

The large 16 patch blocks in the corners of the borders was a fun treatment to use.....    

The quilt is definitely a "guy" quilt.... for sure!   It has been inspected by the inspector...

This  should find it's way to it's new owner by the first of the year.....