Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quiet Solitude

It seems like it's been forever since I had a finish to report... I may have to start posting more posts about progress..... 

With time off from school,  I've had a chance to do some stitching!

Quiet  Solitude
This finish is for a friend of ours.... who has done a lot for Mike.  Mike wanted to find a way to thank him for his friendship and help.   What better than a quilt?    Mike chose the panels I used from my stash..... and they were actually the set that I liked the least.... they were so brown and dull looking.   

I found them on a clearance bin.... and they had been flat folded,  with one of those plastic tag thingies, which had ripped holes in the part of the fabric that connected the panels..... since I was planning on cutting them apart anyway, it was no big deal...... cost of the 6 panels was about  $1.oo each!   I love a bargain!.    I had a deer print to use with it, made by a different manufacturer, so it is more  green... and the green is bluer than the green in the panels.     Trying to find the right green in my stash was challenging.. but I found one that was just right!   

I decided that I needed to bring the green out in the panels, so chose the 9 patch sashings and cornerstones......  the more sashings I made, the better the panels looked up on the design wall! 


I had wanted to use a small inner border... but all the rusty pieces I had were either too red... or too orange... I just didn't have the right piece in my stash to work with... so after auditioning a whole bunch of fabric that still needs to be put back, I decided to just do without. 

The large 16 patch blocks in the corners of the borders was a fun treatment to use.....    

The quilt is definitely a "guy" quilt.... for sure!   It has been inspected by the inspector...

This  should find it's way to it's new owner by the first of the year.....

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  1. That turned out so cool Denise, love the corner stone effect.