Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Another Wednesday comes and goes... and even though I pigged out on Valentines Day... and then just a few days later we went to the coast with friends and I totally pigged out at the buffet at the casino for two meals, and topped it off with wine and snacks.... I managed to lose .8 pounds this last week!  I've lost a total of 7 pounds in 6 weeks.

I wore a pair of "skinny" jeans yesterday... I was ready to peel them off by the time I got off work, but I did wear them all day without having "zipper lines" on my tummy. 

My dear sweet husband asked me if I'd lost 15 pounds so far.... LOL... just how overweight did he think I was?  LOL 

I need to drink more water, and exercise more.... good thing gardening season is just around the coner. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

 I'm now on week 5.... and I've lost a total of 6.2 pounds.  I missed weigh -in last week, due to a sore throat and ear ache that kept me home from work.  

I've been through my birthday, superbowl, Valentine's Day, and  I've still managed to lose.   Weekends continue to be the hardest, 'cuz Mike's favorite meal is a big breakfast, and we love to spend time with friends, enjoying a glass of wine and eating out. 

I know there has to be a happy medium out there for me... so as long as I can continue to head in the right direction,  I'll be happy with 
                                 progress, whether great or small.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stash Report - week 6

I didn't get a post written last week....
I've used 6 yards for a back... and made a few purchases over the last couple of weeks.

Used this Week:                 6  yards
Used year to Date:         12.5 yards

Added this Week:              25 yards

Added year to Date:     127.5 yards
Net used for 2012:    -115.00 yards

Thread spools at start of 2012:      294
Thread spools emptied this week:     0
Thread spools emptied year to date: 9
Thread spools remaining :             285

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

Another week gone by.... and considering it was my birthday last week,  I feel like did pretty darn good!  I really used the points for dinner on Saturday,  but I brought 2/3 of my crab fettucini home from the restaurant and rather than stack those points on,  decided to just let it go.   The cheese/garlic focaccia bread was probably 10 points... but is sure was yummy.  

I've just about rolled into a routine of getting veggies cut and bagged while fixing dinner so that I can just grab them for lunch and snacks... and my hunger?   I'm really not hungry... at least not any more than before.  I still have that horrible witching hour between about 3:30 and dinner where I'm looking for something, but so far I've been behaving myself. 

Weight loss for the week was 1.2 pounds for a total of 5.8 pounds this month!  YEAH!