Monday, January 28, 2013

Wool scrappy blocks..... a work in progress

This is one of my latest works in progress.... this will be a long-term type project, as I will be doing hand work, and had quilting. 

About a year ago, my step-daughter  JoAnn, called to say that they had found a box of old quilting stuff in her grandma's things as they sorted through them to move her to new living arrangements.   The box simply said.... "Ada's quilts".   Ada was  her grandpa's mother.... I think I have that right... I have JoAnn doing some research for me.     JoAnn, said I could have the box, which had some old fabrics,  some misc. quilt blocks, etc.... she only asked that I might make something for her mom. 

The box arrived in June.... and I spent several days looking at all the goodies inside....some patchwork blocks, some  tiny cotton scraps and bits.... some old upholstery bits,  some vintage fabrics, a couple of old dresses that were cut out, started, but not finished (lots of yardage there, you know?)..... and then there were these....

       32 of them!   wool and wool blend suiting...   and they had great stitching on them. 

They look pretty awesome, all laid out next to each other, and there would be enough for a large lap quilt,  but I've looked at them several times now,  and I've decided that they have family history to them.  They are antique, yet look contemporary and cool at the same time.   I'm going to make some table runners,  enough so that JoAnn's mom can have one... JoAnn will get one,  and there will still be enough blocks left to make each of our three grand kids one that will be gifted to them when they are ready to set up their own homes.  Since they are 17, 18, and 21.... I don't have decades to do this... so figured I should get working on them. 

I will need to finish the embroidery on several of the blocks...  so have gone hunting for wool blend thread and have found similar colors and weight to what Ada used originally.  Since these blocks will not all be together in the same project, I think what I found will pass. 

Ada was not a great patchwork sewer,  (most of the finished blocks in the box are not of great quality or consistency).  She was, however, very precise and consistent in her herringbone stitch!    I  will most likely have to use some Tiger tape to be halfway close to being able to match her handiwork.

I love to look at how folks used what they had on hand.... look at the back of this block.... there is a pocket in the middle of it, with the bulky part cut off,  must have been a shirt or blouse. 
 This one is completely different....
 I'll post my progress here.... 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 "Get it Done !" Challenge

This is my January "Get it Done! List.... this is a spin off from the UFO challenge that Judy Laquidera at Patchwork Times sponsored previously.   This year, we are listing some things we want to accomplish each month... they don't have to be UFO's necessarily.....  since I participate in several swaps and group projects... I am listing the group an swap projects separately from the list of personal goals I want to meet. 

My January List..... 
Swap and exchange items:
1.  make and send off 7 Streak of Lightning Blocks for swap  --  stitched 1/13
2.  make and send off 7  Dutchmen's Puzzle blocks for swap  --  stitched 1/13
3.  cut and send black and white strips for swap - fabric washed... 1/13 = cut   
      and addressed 1/15  mailed 1/16
4.  cut and send January strip swap strips. (lavendar and purple) cut   
     and addressed 1/15 (early returners)second batch mailed 1/28
5.  1 navy blue star and four flying geese units for QOV project stitched 
6.  QOV flying geese for borders of project
7.  paper piece star to test block for QOV. made first mock-up 1/8.... tweaked
     pattern 1/9
8.  make 10 Lodge blocks then piece top for Pine Ridge Reservation.  completed top 1/17
9.  Christmas gift bag for swap... need to mail by 1/30 completed and mailed 1/29

 Personal projects:
1.  finish top of wolf quilt... (needs borders)  sandwich, pin baste and quilt.
2.  quilt mystery top from the quilt and needle... (A quilt for all seasons)
3.  work on paper pieced table runner UFO.
4.  Design wedding quilt tops for Katy and Chris. sample EQ designs sent to
      Katy 1/7 for feedback

 Handwork project:
1.  Work on antique wool string blocks= sorted, and started table runner #1