Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stash Report February 12, 2017

     Here is my lastest stash report.  I'm feeling very positive right now.   Yesterday, I was looking for a new chalk wheel.  I walked all the way through Fabric Depot to the notions wall.  They didn't have exactly what I had in mind,  so I walked all the way back,  I fondled a few bolts along the way,  but left the store completely empty handed! 

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Since my last report 
  • I completed a blue and orange doll quilt  1  yard
  • An orange & coral log cabin doll quilt   1  yard
  • Two more doll quilts using some 9 patch blocks   2  yards 
  • A lap quilt  that is gold, rust and green 4 yards
  • Brown flannel lap top    2 yards 
                                    10 yards used  

Fabric 2017

     Fabric Used Since last report : 10 yards 
     Fabric Used year to Date: 34 yards
     Fabric Added since last report: 0 yards
     Fabric Added Year to Date: 0 yards
     Net Fabric  as of last report:  10
 yards used

     Net Fabric for 2017: 34 yards Used 

Batting  2017: 

     Batting used since last report:  ALL Scraps!   estimate 1 yard total 

     Batting used year to date: 3 3/4 yards used from bolt PLUS  7 doll quilts, 5 laps (45" squared), and one table runner  from my bins of batting scraps approx 3 1/2 yards worth 
     Batting added since last report: 0 yards
     Batting added year to date:  40 yards (Jan purchase) 
     Net Batting as of last report:  - 1 yard 
     Net Batting for 2017: increase of 32 1/2   yards 


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