Saturday, February 25, 2017

Marble Madness!

     Way back in 2007....Oh, wait.... has it really been 10 years?    My sweet hubby asked if I would make a quilt for a dear friend.   Since he collects marbles as a hobby,  I thought that a "Marble" quilt would be a great idea!   

     My fabric stash is on the traditional side,  and I had one piece of batik to my name.   This meant some serious stash shopping was in order.    So off I went!  Hubby asked for a quilt,  and it gave me the excuse to fondle some fabric!  

     Thinking of marbles, and all the bright swirly colors,  that is what I brought home.   I used a pattern in a Fons and Porter "Love of Quilting" Magazine  date unknown, because I don't have the magazine anymore.  

My original blocks looked like this... 

I laid them all out on my design wall,  and Mike told me 
that he thought they were too bright and busy!  

What?  I had like 35 of each of them! 

Good thing I hadn't added the center circle appliqued marble to all the snow ball blocks yet!  Although I had a rainbow collection of circles all cut out ready to go. 

So... Back I went to the fabric store... where I purchased a more subdued beige marble fabric.  A different design to work with, using the colored marble centers, and this is the finished product that we gave our friend, Tom.   

Marble Madness   December 2007

Close up of quilt  

  Tom and myself  December 2007

Looks like we were all pretty happy with the final results... 

Fast forward  10 years,  and in the process of  digging out UFO's and  project remnants I ran across the nearly 70 blocks that I originally made that got discarded.  They are bright... I'll give them that!    

I've finished the top for 45" square lap quilt for donation to our guild last week.  It's waiting for quilting.  

Marble Madness Lap top.  45 x 45   February 20, 2017

 I've also mapped out a quilt on EQ7 that will finish as an almost twin size.  
I needed more Kona White,  seems I've been using a lot of it lately....  the finished product will be donated to a group that gives quilts to previous foster kids who have decided to mentor new foster children. 

EQ design for 65 x 81 quilt 

I'll even be able to use up those bonus triangles from the snow ball blocks!  SCORE! 

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