Sunday, March 3, 2013

I started a new project!

It wasn't on my February List...

We purchased a new travel trailer this month.... which has a lovely color pallete in it's interior....
but the designer really took a short cut when they planned the comforter for the bed.....  they used a "reversible" solid dark brown and solid cream comforter, which the company could use in all their models this year....  great for the company... but the walls are a dark grey/brown color, and the bedroom is very small, and the dark brown was too dark.... and the light side was too light.... (and not practical)....
so I had to make something "JUST RIGHT"..... lol  I'm beginning to feel like Goldilocks.

Dear hubby wanted something with wildlife.   I would have liked a simple leafy design, but I aim to please... so we went panel hunting together.  

Loved the panel... but not  so much the writing at the bottom.....   so I decided to inset a little series of flying geese where the writing is...

This is after I've added the first "coping" border strips.... but it looks pretty good! 

Then a set of  "leafy themed"  four patches....  (I knew I'd get my way somehow!) 

Next came another coping border in a goldish tone of Stonehenge....  and then some flying geese. 

 I used a different Stonehenge fabric that is dark brown, black and small spots of white around the outside edge.   It finishes at 83 x 83...   

It looks so nice in there... that I hate to bring it in to quilt it!   


  1. Your quilt looks perfect for your camper. Love how you got your leaves into the mix. ;o)

  2. Oh my hubs would fall in love with this quilt!

  3. Denise, this is gorgeous!!!