2015 - 2016 UFO Challenge

I really have tried to limit the amount of projects I start... but sometimes you just have to start something.

In 2015... I plan on finishing several of these old projects sticking around in crooks and crannies.

Updated January 2016.   

Well,  it's 2016 now, and these quilts are still in the que.....  so I'm going to continue moving forward 


#1   Friends and Fellows - 

This was an internet forum Mystery from the Quilt and Needle.com in 2009.  I decided to add applique borders.  Done!  Now, it awaits backing, pinning, quilting and some binding.  Queen size I am ashamed to say this was on my UFO list back in 2011.... 

#2.  Phire's Radiance -  

another  Q&N mystery quilt... (guess I need to hold off on them for awhile, but they are addicting to me... I just can't resist a good mystery quilt! )  This will be a 60x60 wall hanging.   All it needs is a final border and then to be quilted. Also from my 2011 UFO list.    

#3.  My Favorite  Green Blocks Quilt ... 

this was an internet exchange.  I won the blocks for Feb 2010.  I actually got the top put together by June!  big shocker!   Now, it sits here waiting for quilting.  I have the backing purchased,  just need to pin, quilt and bind....  nearly twin size.   Also from my 2011 UFO list.

#4.  Plaid Round Robin 2010 -  This little beauty came back to me mid summer.  It needs one more plaid border, and then quilting.   It will be a lap size when complete.  Also from my 2011 UFO list.

#5. Roll Roll Cotton Boll  --- 

Oops.... another internet mystery! This one was hosted by Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville.com

Originally, Bonnie had planned for this to be queen size... but I had to cut it down to a size I gift or use.... A twin size throw.... the extra pieces were put to use in a bonus quilt that is also on this year's list.... (#10). 

This is ready to quilt and bind.... I think it is so beautiful just the way it is... it doesn't need a border. 

#6.  Autumn Leaves Happy Blocks 

I won the Autum leave Happy blocks from the Scrappyandhappy Yahoo Group. Since these are the colors in our home... and I have an extensive leaf fabric collection, I made an additional 28 blocks or so... to give me a nice large throw... 

This just needs the quilting and binding.... 

#7  COMPLETE Yeah!  -  Working the West -  This one did get done in 2015.  Sent to it's forever home in October 2015. 

This is actually a newer quilt in my que.... I found the panels at a quilt show, and immediately thought of a family member that would be the perfect recipient for a quilt made from the panels.  I got the top pieced rather quickly..... and am determined to get it finished and sent to it's new home before the end of  2015.  

#8 - The Approaching Storm - This one also got done in 2015.  Sent to it's forever home in October 2015. 

If I send one horse quilt to the family above,  I better send two!  this is for our niece.... I am working on the border components as "leaders and enders"...   I hope she likes it! 

#9 -  Smith Mountain Morning  This one also was finished for our Quilt show in May 2016.  It  now resides on my recliner. 

I took Bonnie Hunter's class with our guild last May (2014).  I had recently done so many "outdoor" quilts, that I was ready for some bright colors.    I was awarded the "most scrumptious quilt" award at retreat while I was working on the blocks.  This is ready for the border components at this time... which are all cut and sitting next to my machine as "leaders and enders".  

#10. - Corbett Donation Quilt III -   The last of the trio!  

borders are cut... and the backing is pieced.... it's getting close now, and I'm determined to clear this one out from under my table as well! 

#11. -  Favorite Red Blocks quilt - 

These blocks were won from my friends at Block Central back in about 2010!   I finally pieced them into a top while at our spring retreat in 2014.   Now it needs to be quilted.  

#12. - Deer Throw II - 

The final quilt for our travel trailer... the bed is now decorated.... and the first throw is done.  This is ready for Quilting.....   The fabrics were purchased in the late spring of 2013.....  It's time to get this one in it's proper spot and out from under the cutting table! 

#13. -  Boxy Stars - donation quilt - 

Made with leftover strips found in one of the boxes in the backroom of the church out in Corbett.....  The colors are very Retro!   These donation quilts don't help anyone out under the table at my house... I must get them done!  

#14. -  A Quilt for All Seasons - Summer 

Oh No!  another mystery quilt from the internet that needs to be finished!  This one is from 2012 or 2013.... 

Ready for quilting  

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