Monday, June 22, 2009

My latest project

On a happier note.... I'll try not to bring so much emotion to most of my postings....
We will be traveling to Montana in the next week to see our grandchildren. Nathan, the oldest is on the varsity football team as a senior this coming year. With funding for athletics tight everywhere, they are trying to raise extra money for the team for traveling expenses. JoAnn asked me a while back, if I'd be willing to make a quilt for the team to raffle off this fall. I agreed.
The Capitol High Bruins, have team colors of brown and gold. In keeping with the bruin theme, I enlarged a bear paw from one of Nathan's t-shirts, to use for a center medallion. Then used a variation of the bear paw block, by setting the individual paws on points.
The writing on the small gold blocks was done with my cricut machine, and the marker stylus that is available. That was fun to play with!
I am working on the quilting now, hoping to finish sometime today or tomorrow. I want to have it finished to take with us, so I won't have to pay for shipping.
Go Bruins!

Wayne's Summer Cruizin' Quilt

What a month and a half it's been! After a long year of suffering from complications of Parkinson's Disease and esophogus spasms, my Mom passed away on May 14, and just a short week later, my husband's best friend passed away much too soon from stage four cancer that had been diagnosed less than 2 months.... He was ready for the fight, was undergoing radiation, hoping to start chemo. I had decided to make him a quilt to have while undergoing his treatments.

Needless to say, Mom's illness had put several delays in my sewing. In the week I took off as bereavement leave, as some needed sewing therapy, I put my focus into working on Wayne's quilt, so that he would have it. Wayne and my husband shared a love of cars, hotrods, classics, and streetrods. They had spent many an hour in each other's garages, either working on a project or "bench racing" as they used to call it.

I was working on his quilt the moring that my husband called me from the hospital to say that they needed me to come witness some paperwork, Wayne was going on hospice, there was nothing more they could do, his disease was so agressive, and they could not get a handle on his blood clots, which meant they couldn't do chemo.

That was on Tuesday morning. I worked the rest of that day and most of the day Wednesday, piecing and quilting. I finished at 11 pm on Wed, with the binding. We went early on Thursday morning, around 8:30 to see how Wayne was doing and to deliver his quilt.

As we walked into their house, Wayne was laying on the couch, his oxyge mask laying on the floor next to him. He had decided just an hour sooner, that he didn't want to prolong his suffering any longer. His wife Sam, and another good fried were sitting next to him, watching him try to get into a comfortable position.

What a change in his condition in just a day. He was unresposive the entire two hours we stayed to visit, but Sammy just clutched that quilt in her arms ad said how much Wayne would love it.

We stopped by twice more on Thursday, it was at 5 am on Friday morning that we received the call that Wayne was no longer in pain, and had passed. He had at one point opened his eyes and talked to Sammy for just a minute or two, but he had been able to see his quilt for a brief time before he went.

Now, even 3 weeks later, it is difficult to type this. Wayne we miss you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spring Table Runner

This is a table runner I made for my cyber friend Sandy, for a swap we had on Block Central. We exchanged names with one other participant, and then made runners for each other. This turned out so sweet, I had to cut one out for myself. I wonder how long it will take for me to finish mine?

Finally doing it!

Well, I've been thinking about starting a blog to share my quilting and scrapping now for about a year. I plan on trying to keep this up to date, but knowing how I often start something with a bang, and taper off, we'll see. It's cloudy and rainy here in the pacific northwest today, cool and drizzly. I should be outside pulling weeds, but am still planted firmly in my chair, so I guess that's where my weeds are too.... still planted.... I'm working on a quilt for my grandson's football team raffle fund raiser. We will be traveling to Montana in about a week, and I'm hoping to have it finished to take with us. I need to get busy on that as soon as I log off the computer. I'll be posting a picture of the completed top sometime today, hopefully.