2012 UFO Challenge

It's time to pick my choices for the 2012 UFO Challenge over at Judy Laquidara's site .

I only got 5 of my 12 projects done on last year's challenge ... so I guess I should start with those....

Now,  that doesn't mean I didn't get anything done in 2011,  I finished up 14 quilts during 2011 and I still have a week and a half left until New Years. 

I do hope I'm able to get all of these UFO's off my list this coming year.  I have way too many new projects in my head....

#1. Dresden Plate  --- February UFO  Finished March 6, 2012!
Dresden Plate (need to take apart and try again)

This project is one of my older ones....
I purchased the rings for this at an antique store, stitched together, but not appliqued to a background. I got that part done in about 2000. Now, 12 years later, they are still not completely a top. I was on a roll, but hit a brick wall, when my corners didn't fit right... now I have to devise a plan C.     
Twin size

Turns out that this setting was in a very old 1980's quilt magazine.... I loved the fact that it took an unusual amount of blocks... and was different than an alternate block or setting with traditional sashings...

About a year ago... I was telling my sister in law that I was working on my dresden plate quilt... She was thinking about working on one she had too... and in the process of describing the settings... we had both chosen this setting. I think I'm still further along than she is in the process.


#2. Friends and Fellows  {May}

This was an internet forum Mystery from the Quilt and Needle.com in 2009. I decided to add applique borders. Done! Now, it awaits backing, pinning, quiltind and some binding. Queen size

This quilt was on my UFO challenge list last year... and I got as far as purchasing the backing fabric for it! At least I can say I made some progress!

#3. Annie's Fortune --- January UFO -    Finished  Feb 6, 2012

This was also an internet mystery from the Quilt and Needle.com

I purchased the backing for this one as well last year, when this quilt's number came up, but unfortunately that was as far as I got.

It's a quen size and it is further along than this picture shows.... it needs the final border and then quilting and binding.

Feb. 6, 2012 ....
It has taken me a week longer than I had hoped, but I am able to mark this one off as DONE!  DONE!  DONE! 

#4. Phire's Radiance

Ok, so I have a thing about internet mystery quilts!

This will be a 60" square quilt.... in fact.. it's actually sitting next to my machine as I type this... waiting for it's final border.

#5. Churn Dash Bears -- July (*got Jan and July mixed up in Jan)
                                          Finished  August 22, 2012

This will go in our family room when I get it finished... It is ready for quilting and binding...

It's about a twin size.

You can't see very well in this blurry picture, but there are fussy cut bears in the centers of the churn dash blocks.

August 22, 2012 ....
I am now able to mark this one off as DONE! DONE! DONE!  and it turned out much nicer than I had originally thought... labeled, laundered and just in time... the quilt my dear hubby uses has worn through once again.   The flannel back is getting thinner and thinner.

#6. My Favorite Green blocks Quilt  (October)

This was an internet exchange. I won the blocks for Feb 2010. I actually got the top put together by June! big shocker!

Now, it sits here waiting for quilting. I have the backing purchased, just need to pin, quilt and bind.... nearly twin size.

#7. Plaid Round Robin from 2010 --August

This is my round robin from the 2010 Round Robin Exchange at the Quilt and Needle.com.

I love the plaids! And my friend Northern Deb even put an applique bear or two in the row she did for me.

I plan on adding another row or two before quilting this one.... It will have a spot in our lodge themed home.

This will be throw size when done...

#8. Roll Roll Cotton Boll  --- March UFO

Oops.... another internet mystery! This one was hosted by Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville.com

Originally, Bonnie had planned for this to be queen size... but I had to cut it down to a size I gift or use.... A twin size throw.... the extra pieces were put to use in a bonus quilt that is also on this year's list.... (#10).

This is ready to quilt and bind.... I think it is so beautiful just the way it is... it doesn't need a border.

#9. Autumn Leaves Happy Blocks

I won the Autum leave Happy blocks from the Scrappyandhappy Yahoo Group. Since these are the colors in our home... and I have an extensive leaf fabric collection, I made an additional 28 blocks or so... to give me a nice large throw...

This just needs the quilting and binding....

#10. Roll Roll Cotton Boll bonus quilt --- April UFO  Finished  April 25, 2012

This is the quilt made with the pieces I didn't put into the original Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville.com. The pieced border was originally planned for the outside of the queen size.

I had to make 10 more of the chunky churn dash blocks to make it as large as I wanted.

This is ready for quilting. It measures about 58 x 68"

#11. Touch of Vegas Quilt  (September)

Sorry... no picture of this right now.... I'll have to photograph the  bag of pieces  I have....

This quilt was designed by my friend, Debbie Allen, a member of the forum over at the Quilt and Needle.com.

She shared it with us in a sew-along challenge last year. Mine is black, white, and lime greens....

I have several stars stitched together, all the components cut.... just need to finish piecing the blocks, and then quilt it.

Mine won't be quite as large as Debbie's I believe the original pattern is double or queen size... so I'll cut it down some.

#12. Applique Christmas Quilt -- June  Finished  September 14, 2012

This quilt is ready for backing, quilting, and it's final binding. These blocks were from Sindy over at Fatcatpatterns.com. They were our guild's BOM for 2010-2011. I'm hoping to be able to snuggle under it Christmas 2012. It is a twin size throw.


  1. What great projects! Can't wait to see them done!

  2. You've got some gorgeous projects to work on. I love that mystery quilt.

  3. Oh wow! Such pretty quilts. Good luck and have fun working on your quilts. I'll be cheering you on!

  4. You do such elaborate work I'm not surprised some of them are UFOs. I can't imagine the amount of time that goes into some of these! They are beautiful and I look forward to seeing your progress!

  5. What a great bunch of quilts. I LOVE the Friends and Fellows quilt and those applique borders really make it. I can see why you love internet mystery quilts - all those you've shown from Quilt and Needle are wonderful. I'll enjoy seeing your progress in the monthly linkys Judy does!

  6. Denise, The Roll Roll Cotton Boll, #8, is my favorite. I've pinned it on to my PINTEREST so that I remember it when I need a new project. Love your color choices!