Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas Stocking exchange

I'm participating in a block exchange over at You should come over and check us out. What a great group of wonderful people! Here are the first 6 of 14 blocks I need to finish before Dec. This may be a true test, as I am getting ready to move, and need to pack up my sewing room. My September to do list is much shorter than August's... but since I'm back to work as well, it has really limited my time for sewing or quilting this month.


  1. Denise,
    They are looking so cute. I have 8 pieced so far.

  2. Oh how cute!!! I love your stockings :)

  3. I didn't sign up for this one, but seeing yours kinda makes me wish I had! Not enough time in the day though! Great job!