Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's been awhile since I've been here....

Well,   last time I was posting, we were getting ready for the big move.   I am happy to report that it's nearing it's end.     We still have the last hold-out spots to move, such as... under the basement stairs,   the attic,  (I'll need to do this to decorate for Christmas),  the garden shed,  the garage misc.,  and the back shed where camping and boating stuff are stored.  The biggest hold up is we need to build more shelves down in Mike's big shop.

I am one spoiled girl !!!    I packed and unpacked lots of craft and sewing supplies.  The trick is getting it all organized into two separate spaces.... one for storage, and the other a work area that is supposed to be kept neat. Ha! I'll try my best.....   Pics to come later.....  We are still in process.    I must say that I've unpacked all but a dozen boxes that have come into the house.  And I wasn't allowed to stack any boxes in the garage or shop, so that has kept me on task.

We have already enjoyed watching the sunrise over the ridge on more than one occasion from our hot tub on the lower deck....    The cat seems to be adjusting.....  The birds have found the feeders...

 Life is good,  and I am so thankful for all I have been blessed with.

  Happy Thanksgiving!  

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