Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our New Home...

This is the inside of our new living room.   I just love the warm wood ceilings.   Need to do something about the white rock fireplace, but time will take care of that.
We are decorating with a "cabin" or "lodge" theme.  DH and I are still discussing what goes into a lodge or cabin,  but it seems to be working out ok so far.   I'm more of an eclectic person.... He is more focused.  He wants all log furniture.... I would like to stick with some of our antique furniture.    Time will  take care of that as well,  I'm sure.

This is the south facing view....  reminds me of Smurfville.... lots of blue.....  (now don't get me wrong.... I love blue..... but this doesn't shout  "CABIN" or  "LODGE"  to me..... I envision rock foundation,  wood and stone pillars,  wrought iron railings,  and brown wood tone siding.   I won't mess with the blue roof.

We won't be making exterior changes until after our other house sells, and the weather improves next spring.  That will give us time to think a little bit about our final plans.

From the corner of the upper deck,  we have a sliver of a view of Mt. Hood, which right now is covered with new fall snow.    I might have a pic of the view somewhere.... I'll take a look and see.

We are surrounded by trees.  In fact... we can only see one house from the decks or from inside.   A friend of ours that lives up the street from our previous home was out to visit, and he just couldn't get over the openness and no houses crowded nearby.

This is the driveway, and Mike's garage on the North side.   See what I mean about the blue?     We found plans in a closet for a 200 sq. ft. addition which would place an actual front door entryway where that one window is that you see.     (This was the one window that was not updated to new vinyl windows when they did that project. )

I'll take pics of the house with our furnishings and post soon.  (when I finally get the boxes totally out of the way, LOL)

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