Friday, December 17, 2010

Clue 5

       Just when I thought I had a handle on 60 string blocks.... (actually I have 47 totally done, pressed, de-papered (is that a word?), pressed again, and squared.)  The last 13 blocks need fewer than 3 or 4 strips each, some are down to just a corner or single strip..... but my bobbins were empty when I stopped about 15 minutes ago.... the iron needed water again too, so it just seemed like a good stopping point for the night....
       I decided to check out Bonnie's blog for a peak at step 5.  (now, keep in mind, I haven't started step 4 yet.... but I couldn't resist.....
       Now I know why Bonnie says... NO WHINING!!!!   600  yes, I said 600  HST!!!!  these will finish at 1 1/2".... so I hope I have enough 2" strips.... I may end up having to cut some off of actual yardage in my stash.... I know I have that....
      This is also where I have to decide on my constant fabric choice.   Now Bonnie used a cute red that has a touch of green, pink, in it..   I don't have anything in my reds that looks like it will work....   I've thought about cheddar yellow... but I don't have a piece of that either....   She said that scrappy is ok if we stick with a single color,  like all reds....  I have several pieces of blue reproduction indigos..... but I'm not too keen on the blue with the rest of the colors.... I may just have to go hunting for the perfect piece tomorrow.... I promise to look deeper into the stash before going out to buy something..... I only need about 2 yards. 
   I need to take pics of some of my string blocks.....


  1. I'm feeling your pain. I just squared my last string blocks and while I have my strips for step 4 sewn together and matched with their partner green, I haven't cut them yet. Happy sewing! Looks like we'll be doing lots of it. Lane

  2. I plan on doing some whining! (not really) I've finished the 60 strip blocks-they took a lot longer than I thought--and haven't started Step 4 yet. When I read 600 HST to be made for step 5, my first thought was to dump the whole project. But I've come too far to stop now--Bonnie's tricked us all! :) We have to keep on going and get the darn thing finished. But now I'm prepared for any more curve balls in the rest of the steps!

  3. I'm almost through the pile of 600...phew! Look forward to seeing your blocks!