Monday, August 20, 2012


Well,  I'm not sure which of my excuses is the right one to use,  but I cannot believe that my last post was in early May!    It's been quite the summer.   Here is what I've been up to:
  •      June 15,  last day of school  summer vacation started.
  •     June 4,  Mike started 7 1/2 weeks of radiation treatment... 5 days a week.
  •     No traveling for us... as we were sticking close to home.... how far can you get in 24 hours?   and not knowing how he was going to be feeling at any one time span of his treatment, we opted not to make too many travel plans that we might have to cancel.   We played each day as it came.
  •     We did get some projects done around the house...
    • new power overhead door on the front of the big shop
    • new smaller overhead door on the back of the big shop
      • these replaced very heavy rolling barn=type doors
    • got the greenhouse built that had been in the box for 2 years
    • landscaped around the firepit and patio we poured last spring
    • I built a waterfall/ waterfeature from rocks we had in the yard
    • did some irrigation pipe work to add spigots out closer to the perenniel beds
    • got some gymnasium lites hung up in the shop
    • tried to start cleaning and organizing the shop, but it is a work in progress
    • cleaned out a few cupboards and closet and got stuff taken to goodwill and salvation army... this is also an ongoing project..... I should do part of this every week.
  • We bought and traded cars.... I've already lost count....but we did take some 3 hour car rides to look at cars or to pick them up.   
  • And I did accomplish some quilting along the way.... I'll save that for another post.
Mike is now done with his radiation and we are tapping our feet waiting for the first set of test results which we will get at the end of September....  He is at the point post-treatment where he should be starting to regain his strength and energy,  so that is just in time for me to go back to work next week.

It is amazing to me, that having that 20 minute appointment every day can totally undermine whatever project you have going.... it seemed that by the time we got home from the appointment at 11:00 am or noon, or 1:00 after running errands,  the day was too short!     We have seen lots of Redbox movies this summer.....

I'm not usually one to post several times a week,  or to share what it was I had for lunch yesterday,  but three months is a long time.....  I'm hoping that with the treatments behind us, and work on the horizon, that life will find it's normal rhythm soon.  

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