Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hat Trick

When you get three bulls eyes while playing darts, they call it a "Hat Trick"....

I have 3 completed quilts to share from August... so I'm calling it a hat trick too!

The first  is the Bruin Bear Paw Raffle Quilt.... 

Bruin Bear Paw

This quilt is now in Helena Montana.   It is a raffle quilt for the Capital High Bruin football team.  The season starts this weekend, so I'm happy to hear that it arrived before the season starts.  The booster club will sell raffle tickets at each home game this season.

Bruin Bear Paw close-up

 I quilted it by stitching just off the ditch, and kept the quilting simple.   The one request I had from JoAnn was that it have a flannel backing and feel soft and snuggly.    I found this bear paw fabric at our quilt show last spring and it immediately made me think of this project.    The quilt I made for the team three years ago, raffled for nearly $1,000.00 so I'm hoping that this one will be as successful as the last one.   Each large bear paw block is a different gold fabric from my stash.... and the same fabrics repeat in the delectable mountain border.
Bruin Bear Paw Border detail
Bruin Bear Paw   label detail

Next, is a Quilt I call "Churn Dash Bears"....

I started this quilt two years ago.... this one will now live on my hubby's recliner.  He has loved his last one to near death... (the quilt's death).  I've patched the flannel back for the second and last time.

Churn Dash Bears

I actually started this quilt in 2010, but once the top was complete it got put into the "to be quilted pile" and has been aging there for two years.   With Mike's tv quilt getting thinner and thinner I felt I needed to move it to the top of the priority list.   Simplicity is sometimes a girl's best friend, and I decided to simply stitch around each block and in the ditch... and to do the same around each of the little components in the border.  I also added a little bear sillouette in the large area created where the blocks joined.  This quilt finishes at 69 x 90  the same size as his previous quilt, but with the new fabrics and batting seams twice as large.  I'm sure it won't take too long for it to break in a bit.

Churn Dash Bears block detail

Churn Dash Bears border detail
Churn Dash Bears block detail

Churn Dash Bears  back and label detail

And Finallly, "Corbett Trio #3"....

It's a long story... but I'll have to save that for another post.... let's just say its done and it's for a good cause!   

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  1. So should I take my hat off & throw it at you? In hockey 3 goals is also a hat trick & everyone with a hat throws it on the ice. =]

    Really great work! All three quilts are beautiful! My favorit of the three is the Cornett trio, lovey color combo.