Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Starting the New Year out Right!

It's only the middle of the month... and I have two finishes!  
These are the two quilts for my sister and her new hubby.  (I know, the wedding was 3 weeks ago... but at least they are done before their 5th anniversary? right?) 

Windsong - complete
Print Fabric Detail 
Binding and quilting detail 

Reminder to myself.... Don't use a pink ceramic pencil on white for quilting design.....  I had to use Grandma's secret and a soft toothbrush with water to get those lines out after i quilted.... I wanted to make sure they were totally out before putting it in the washer.  

The new Miracle chalk template worked great on the solid black..... it came out with steam!  

Parallel Universe - complete 

Quilting Detail 

I'm also sending off this starter row for a new 2015 Row Robin I'm doing with some internet friends.....  my theme is "Winter".....   I'm also sending one of my 3 filler rows along with my starter row so that everyone can see the variety of blues I'm using in my piano key borders.  

 I'm a couple of days late getting this in the mail.... (should have gone out on the 15th)... but I had black thread in my machine with my free motion foot..... I had to wait until the quilting was done on the Parallel Universe quilt before I could stitch around my applique pieces. 

I know.. many of you may be saying... "What?  Starting another project?"... LOL  I'm hopeless! 

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