Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Things Accomplished

Well, I had promised myself that I would clear the pile of projects that needed finishing. As you can see from my August to do list, I'm cruising right along.... it feels great to get some of these done.... I am part of a group that started some quilts for a local hospice house 2 years ago. One of our members purchased a whole lot of clearance fabrics, (bless her heart, she is not a quilter, and thought she was doing us a favor... I'm not sure how many hospice patients want a Christmas quilt..... but we're gonna find out! I did make doll quilts for another local charity out of many of the prints a couple of years ago. It just seemed more appropriate use of the novelty prints.) The pattern we used is called "One Block Wonder" I used this because it is very forgiving when non-quilters are helping out. No two seams match if you rotate every other block, and there are no star points to cut off. Even then, it was a challenge to quilt a couple of these, as they look pretty wavy when laid out. I have had to keep myself from undoing the work of others in the group.... Since I'm the one with the largest sewing machine, I'm the one that has done the majority of the quilting..... a couple of members have given it their best attempt. That was all we asked. these are two of those quilts.... We have more in the works...

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