Sunday, August 30, 2009

August's To Do List....

I go back to work on Tuesday. That gives me just two days to finish my list of to dos for the month. It was a huge list, and there are only 3 things left to do. I actually finished up several extra projects and exchange blocks that were not on the original list. I feel good about my accomplishments.

We are seriously trying to find a new home and some acreage just out of town, and that means I'll have to move my fabric stash and my scrapbook stash. It didn't seem like very much when I hauled it into our basement one or two shopping bags at a time!

The two quilt tops pictured above are comfort quilts for the small community of Corbett, which sits in the Columbia Gorge, just 20 miles east of Portland. I quilt with a lovely group of ladies out there.

The one with houses is flannel. Those house squares were rescued from a donated piece that looked like swiss cheese. (someone had fussy cut out the houses they wanted and discarded the rest) it looked pretty hopeless at first, and one of the gals wanted to put it in the garbage. I saw some potential, spotted some more flannel pieces in another box, and remembered some flannel at home that would help.

The blue dresden plate is made of some pillow panels that were printed and sold in the 1980s. There were only 5 in the donation box. It took a group effort, but someone pieced the alternate blocks.... someone else did the four patch, another member added the wide blue print from her stash, and then I brought it home and added the piano keys. It's ready to be quilted by another member.

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  1. WOW, Sherrill Denise, you did a GREAT job with what you had to work with on those donation quilts!! And finishing off so many things on your 'to do' list is very gratifying. I try to make a 'list of 5' to work on but I have a BAD, BAD habit of starting lots of new projects, setting me back even further! LOL