Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Garden progress

I feel like I'm actually making some progress in my garden!   I'm still harvesting black plastic out from under the barkdust.... but I feel like that will be long term project.  One section at a time......  I have to keep telling myself that it's a "work in progress" and probably will be for many years.....

I'm not making as much progress in the sewing area... seems like it's one or the other.  If I can just keep up with my exchange projects until school lets out,  I'll be happy!

This is a before view.... now if I can figure out howto get pics out of my new android camera.....


  1. So Denise, what is that gorgeous pink bush in the background? I love the wisteria too! I'm working on an arbour so that I can plant some in my backyard! Bought 2 sides that are pre-made and just have to connect the tops!

  2. Sherry, that pink shrub is a variegated Weigelia. It has been blooming now for nearly a month! there is a close up of it on my photobucket site... http://i529.photobucket.com/albums/dd334/scraphappydenise/my%20garden%20by%20scraphappydenise/spring2010-48.jpg

    It is decidious and winter hardy in most areas.