Monday, May 2, 2011

A Week's Progress....

My sister gave me this adorable planter!  I can hardly wait
 for the plants tostart cascading down the pots.  
   I'm in better spirits than my last post.   I was able to catch up on several little nagging projects this last week.

     The pile of black garbage bags is now in a trailer, ready to go to the dump.  (Honest, I'd compost, but there are noxious weeds in those bags!)   It took three trips in the golf cart with my little red trailer to get all those bags moved.  First, I  helped  put the new floor in the trailer, so we didn't walk through the soft spots.

     I got the little piles of stuff that were scattered all over from taxes, and our tendency to come in the door and drop.  We drop coats,  backpacks, tote bags, hats, mail, keys, and little pieces of paper that I haven't a clue what "John 888-111-2222" means.   Please, honey.... at least put down what you were going to call him about.... that way I'll be able to help you when you call me at work and ask..."have you seen a piece of paper with a phone number on it? [ the piece of paper could be a lottery form,  a tail end of a napkin, the back of the envelope I just recycled,  the back of the phone bill... etc. ]

     The fridge has been cleaned out... I'm almost caught up with laundry.... Although these two things seem to always need doing,  but last week they were weighing heavily on my mind.  Maybe the threat of opening up that underwear drawer and finding it totally empty was looming closer and closer.... LOL

     I was able to catch up on a large majority of my little sewing swap commitments last week.  They have all been mailed to their new homes.

    And I spent two full days this weekend out in the yard.   I got my deck planters planted.. and the garage planters done as well.     (I'm working on a tutorial to show you how I did this)

Believe me... there really were other flowers in here last sumer!   
   I used the creeping charlie that had taken over the planters from last summer, and divided it up... and planted the exposed bank around our carport with creeping charlie plants.  If it fills in as quickly there as it did in those pots... I'll be very happy!  

 The area it is in, is under some tall fir trees,  no grass grows in the area below it.  (the grass looks like the beard of a 16 year old.... pretty sparse).   So even if the ground cover really takes hold, it will not bother me at all.    The best part about the whole project is that I priced ground cover last summer when we poured that pad.   It looked like it was going to cost me over $100 for ground cover starts.   If I remember correctly,  I bought six 4" starts of that stuff last spring.  Divided each pot into 2-3 small sections and used it as a trailer in my planters...  so my total investment was under $25.  Not bad, if I say so myself.   

The north side of this area... planting in progress  

I use the length of my planter as a measuring tool

First the weeds!  This is the East side before
I started planting.

This is a better look at the East side and the amount of
slope I was working with. 


  1. Well my goodness, Denise, you have been VERY busy! No need for apologies for not posting! I envy your dedication in completing projects. Hope you can stick to your grueling schedule!

  2. Very busy indeed! Can I have some of your energy? Creeping Charlie, in my part of the gardening world, is a 4 letter word. I hope you're using the same name for a better plant than I am. LOL

  3. Barb.... it may be the same plant.... but I have a huge area under these trees that doesn't seem to grow anything else... so anything to help with mud would be a blessing. I may need to bring in the heavy guns in 10 years to eradicate it... but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. We are on an acre and a quarter, and this area is surrounded by asphalt driveway on one side, a concrete pad on the other, and the garage on a third... hopefully that will contain it.