Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catching Up.... or....Digging My Way Out....

      I'm not sure why, but it seems that every now and then,  I find myself just buried!   Buried in laundry, buried in misc housework, buried in paperwork at school, buried in outside committments, and then... spring hits... and I'm double buried in yardwork.    Now, don't get me wrong... I usually bring most if this on myself.... a little slip here, a little slip there... and next thing you know... I'm just buried! 

     Last fall, we had a sudden turn in the weather.... from glorious sunny days, to outright downpours.  The soil turned soggy and muddy before I could do my fall cleanup.  I didn't pull the dahlias,  didn't rake the leaves under the shedding wisterias... didn't get the late summer weeds pulled.  Working full time, I really count on evenings and weekends to get the outside stuff done.  Add a couple of great car shows that take up fall weekends, and here I am!  BURIED!  Our spring hasn't been very cooperative either.... We had rain EVERY day in March.... and the first half of April.  I think we just turned the corner... we even broke 60 degrees yesterday. 
     Over the last couple of weeks, I've pulled weeds, raked leaves, stacked support cages, and baited for slugs.  I've trimmed roses, hydrangeas, butterfly bushes, and lavender plants.  Now.... I'm buried in black plastic bags and trimmings that need to be hauled away!   I'm still not done pulling and raking, but I feel like I'm getting close to air..... 

     I have also slipped and fallen behind in my quilting exchange committments.... So the other night, I spent a few hours and got some catching  up done.  still not there completely, but hopefully  my quilty friends around the world will bear with me and continue to let me play with them.
      These are the April Happy Blocks from the ScrappyandHappy Yahoo Group.... formerly our Block Central group.  Northern Deb chose the theme this month.... Fruits or Veggies in the center.... with borders that would remind us of summer table clothes.  I found that Lettuce fabric and knew immediately that I needed a quarter yard.   
We have a whole new batch of Quilt Auntie quilts to do at the   I'm currently signed up for blocks for 4.  I have two done.... both of them butterfly blocks for little girls.....

     I was way behind the eight ball on the March "my favorite block" swap at the scrappyandhappy yahoo group.  I should have mailed these blocks out the 7th of April... and they didn't go out until the 22.   This block is called "Checkerpins".  It's from  Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache . If you haven't visited this site which is chock full of free quilt block patterns.... You are really missing a treat!
The theme for the month was bright, spring like prints, with white backgrounds.  We make two blocks from one of our favorite block patterns .... and then there is a draw for two lucky winners.  We do this swap every other month.   I really need to get started on the one for the next draw... it's theme is batiks. 

     I also have the row robin to work on.... it's not due to be mailed until the 6th of May. 

    I'd like to think that I'll get caught up before my summer break starts... but that is not a guarantee.... but I'm sure I'd make better headway if I log off this computer... LOL

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  1. Oh, the joys of spring. We're lucky enough that we can work in the yard most of the year, so I can do it a bit at a time, tho the weeding does sometimes get away from me. Please send some rain. We haven't had in in all the days you had it and we're missing it. City water gets so expensive. Lane