Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A second quilt for Japan

     Tomorrow is the 20th... the deadline for getting quilts to our project coordinator... My sweet husband drove out to her house  yesterday to deliver my contribution while I was at work.

     I got a second quilt done as well.   The basic fabrics are the same as the first one, but I placed the colors in a different places, and got totally different results!

     Both are backed with flannel.   one is all this little blue/white floral.  The other one is pieced, 'cause I ran out of flannel after is shrank in the laundry when I pre-washed it!   This next picture is the pieced  back and and the label I made for both.  I'm still playing with the fonts on my new Janome.... I wish I could make the letters smaller. 

     It felt really good to make the majority of these two quilts from my stash!  All I bought was the 4 yards of flannel on sale, which totaled less than 9 dollars!  one of them I used 3 pieces of batting scraps stitched together to get enough batting.

I hope these keep some little Japanese girl cozy for a long time!

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