Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quilt kits....

     Remember back about a week ago.... I mentioned making quilt kits from my own stash..... I used both of my crib quilt kits for the Japan quilts..... I still have a black/white/red yellow brick road..... a strawberry kit for I think it's One block wonder, and a one block wonder black/white red.... ready to stitch.

This is one of the crib quilt kits I had made ahead from my stash. 
     I use those clear bags that linens come in that have the zippers.  These are great for this!  I have friends who give me these bags in all sorts of sizes.  
     Here you can see the contents of my kit.  I use simple sticky notes to label my various sizes before putting them in the bag.   If there were lots of different triangles etc.... I would put them into separately marked baggies. 

     I usually make sure to put a copy of the pattern into the bag as well..... that way, I don't have to hunt for it when I get ready to start stitching.  
     I didn't have the pattern handy with me the day I posted about the Japan quilt #1.  Since there is a rather famous pattern called "one block wonder" on the market besides this one.... I took a picture of the entire front envelope.   I did do a google search and was able to find that this pattern is still available.    I have found that it is so adaptable to scraps.... or to two or three fabrics.... what they use is two rectangles as the center of the block... but I fussy cut the polka dot square to take it's place in this one.....  
One Block Wonder

     So..... go ahead... next time you are cutting out a quilt that you know is simple to do.... look through your stash.... see if there is anything that you could cut a second one out of.... and bag it up, ready to take with you, or to have on hand, if you want to piece, and don't want to cut..... 

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  1. So far, I bag my kits, with pattern, but not pre-cut. I wanted to pre-cut some Linus quilts and ended up just kitting the fabrics for those as well, without pre-cutting. Best intentions. But, I bet it saves some time later. Lane