Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Guild Project....

Our guild,  Northwest Quilters has a huge charitable component.   Quilts of Valor,  Habitat for Humanity,  Hospice organizations,  Toy N Joy (Toys for Tots),  Children's services,  a Camp for Aids Patients....  just to name a few.   We donated nearly 2000 doll quilts for the Toy N Joy project in 2016.We also donate approximately 2000  larger quilts each year as well.  

Most of these are lap / twin size quilts.   We have had a group of ladies that tied the twins for us as a small group for many years,  but due to age, agility, and other issues; this has tapered off, and our Comfort Quilts group has a back log of quilts that need to be tied so they can go to forever homes.  

I volunteered to take a group of 10 twin size quilts and machine tack them rather than tying them.    These were already enveloped and turned with batting when i got them.  

It worked really well, to use the memory function on my Janome!  I started with a knot,  then programmed one of the decorative stitches that looks like an asterick and finished with one more knot and a thread cut.     It took some smoothing, pressing,  and pinning to do this without getting wrinkles.  But I got them all done.  

On a few of them,  when the back was really smooth,  I used my serpentine stitch and followed the seams for a really firm hold.  

Here are 7 of the 10 I did....  somehow all the pictures didn't upload to photobucket from my phone. 

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