Sunday, December 25, 2016

Windy Hill Quilters finishes

     I quilt with a group of quilting sisters in a little community East of Portland, Oregon.  Corbett sits in the Columbia River Gorge, about 20 miles east of Downtown Portland. 

    We enjoy each other's company and together, we stitch up not only our own personal projects and offer suggestions and advice,  but we make quilts to be given to members of the Corbett Community in tough times such as illness,  fires, or traffic accidents.    We have also made quilts for a  family homeless shelter and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  

     We are not a large group, but about 8 regular members.  A nice intimate group. 

     There is a storage area at the church we stitch at, with fabric that has been donated for the cause.   We often start there for inspiration,  but there is plenty of fabric in my own stash to fill in where needed.    The group purchases batting for use,  with funds raised from raffle quilts. 

     I usually have at least one or two quilts in progress for donation to the cause,  but lately I've had gaggle of them in the works.  

     I've made it my mission to get these much needed projects moved on into the hands of those who need them for comfort and warmth during difficult times.  

     This past month,  I've finished 2 youth quilts,  and 3 larger quilts for this cause.  4 of these, I started back in fall of 2014,  when I purchased a bunch of fabric from a quilter's estate sale.  In the pile of fabrics, there were several pieces that I decided were appropriate for these projects, and I got started on some tops.   I've finished a few of these last year,  but my goal was to try to finish several more this year.  

Here are some of the finishes I've had this last week or so.  This has entailed piecing backs,  piecing batting sections together,  and layering and quilting.   One of the larger quilts has 6 batting scrap " frankenstein" stitched together.  

Thomas the Tank  #2   45 x 60 

Thomas the Tank Engine #3  45 x 60  

In the group of fabrics,  there were several Thomas the Tank Engine fat quarters.  I have finished 3 quilt tops with that group, and there are still more.....  but in the interest of wanting recipients to feel like their quilt is special,  I think I'll wait a while to begin another top with those pieces.  

Rodeo Flannel quilt  60 x 80
Campfire Cowboys Flannel  60 x 80 
There were a couple larger pieces of flannel that would be perfect for "guy's quilts"... 
I added variety with some flannel pieces I had stashed away.  

This next quilt is one that I got all the main fabrics from the back room at the church.  
I used Teri Atkinson's pattern Tile Tango.   The scrappy 9 patch blocks were made with 
2 1/2" squares from my scrap bins. 

Tile Tango  72 x 90



  1. I really like the TILE TANGO quilt. I think I might give it a go

    1. It was an easy quilt to make! It's on my return list to do again. I think it would make an excellent Quilt of Valor.