Friday, December 30, 2016

Pet Beds

4  Pet beds using  2016 trimmings

     This year (2016),  I decided to see just how much I could reduce the waste bin in my sewing area.

      I started the year out by making a large pillow case shaped bag from  my stash.  It wasn't a pretty piece, but I must have thought so at some point in time.

Sample of trimmings.  That larger triangle piece had silver writing on the front side of it.  

     I used this bag whenever I was sliver trimming blocks or units,   or when I trimmed that 1" excess of batting from a quilt after it is quilted prior to binding.   You know... those bits.  

     I love my string bins, which are over flowing.....  but I can't use those pieces that are much smaller than 3/4" wide.... most of it ends up in the seams...   the crumbly pieces at the end of a strip that are smaller than 1".  

     I just tamed a 12" x 12" x 4" box of scraps that were gifted to me.... and believe me....  my 1 1/2" squares are adding up..... and the crumb jar is just about full.    I hate to throw any of it away.

     Last night, as I was clearing off my table,  I decided it was time to see just how many pet beds I could make from my one year's worth of trimmings.  

This bag was stuffed! 

     I've never done this before,  and I'm not even sure what sizes are needed,  but I had 3 pieces sitting near my work area that needed to be used up, so that is the size I made.

     I simply stitched the  pieces into rectangles with one open end,  turned them right side out, and then stuffed them.   When done,  I folded over the open edge towards the inside, and stitched it closed.   It only took me about 30 minutes to do all four of them! 

How thick should they be?..... mine are about 4" thick....
     I wasn't sure just how full to fill them....  Like I said I had only read about these on someone's blog.  

     The largest one is approx 24" square and 4 1/2" thick.  The smaller pink one, is approx 12" square and 3" thick.  The two middle ones with hearts are 18" square.  (That blue plaid with hearts has been in my deep stash!  Time to move it on! )  

      I wonder how many I'll make in 2017?   Now,  I need to find a shelter that can use them,  and when I drop them off I'll check on the sizes most needed.  I'll also find out how thick to make them.    

     This is the result of finishing 12 quilts this year.   What do you do with your trimmings? 


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  1. I was reading wonkyworld and saw your blog in his blog roll. one thing led to another and i read about 6 of your posts and admired all your finishes. I find your blog inspiring and your quilts are all beautiful and vibrant. thanks!