Sunday, December 4, 2011

And a Bonus Quilt!

Using some of the extra component pieces I had cut way back last November when I first started RRCB,  I was able to piece this bonus top! I had to cut and stitch another ten blocks.... I reversed the pink and brown from the original blocks and left the red/neutral HST blocks off.  I did however use the green corner stone blocks for the centers of the 10 extra I I used all those up!

 I still have some of the border components... but I'm thinking of cutting some green/pink/green strips  and making some cute 4" 9 patch blocks.... not sure where they'll get used yet.. but I'm sure they'll get more use than the leftovers I have now....

The piece of shell pink I used for the alternate blocks has been hanging around for awhile.... and I used most of the piece I had....  This measures about 53 x 65".  A great youth size, or even a nice sized baby quilt.   I'll have this one waiting in the wings for someone special.  It has more piecing in it than most of the charity type baby quilts I do. 

I can't believe how labor intensive those pieced borders are.... 


  1. What a beautiful little quilt! The pieced borders add so much to it--well worth the extra time they take.

  2. Denise, I'm loving your blog... I think mine needs a makeover! This quilt is sooooo pretty. I really like the colors you've choosen. Well, I'm off to see what else you've been up to... sure have been busy cleaning and organizing!

  3. Deb.... I've tried many of those cute backgrounds... but the last time i decided to go with this clean, simple layout.... thanks for the comments...
    I love seeing what you've been up to as well.