Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where is my Blog mojo?

I always have good intentions of stopping by and giving updates..... but this has been a stressful last couple of months for me...

Excuse #1 - my dear husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in September.   After consultation with his doctors, we opted for surgical removal.  His surgery was a the week before Thanksgiving and he is now home healing and recouperating.   Pathology reports will be back any day now... and we'll know if there was anything detected in the lymph nodes that they removed.  If it's an "all clear", then he won't need any radiation or chemo. 

Excuse #2 - the program that I teach for, moved locations over the summer. This has created some changes in the types of activities we do with our students and the locations that those activities occur in.   We also have a new administrator this year, so things are stressful there as well.

Excuse #3 - when I feel like I actually have some "extra me time".... I try to fill it with doing something creative.

Excuse #4 - my mom always told me that if I couldn't say anything nice, not to say anything at all.  I try to live this daily.. and try to carry it a step further... and feel that if I can't be positive then I should probably not share my thoughts..... instead, I try to reach deep within and find the strength to keep moving on... to recharge look for solutions to problems  and figure out how to turn lemons into lemonade.

So... why do I sit here and type excuses on a blog?  Mostly to let those of you out there in blog land, know why I haven't posted in several months.....   In the next few days... I hope to give you all an update of what's been happening postive in my life the last few months.... 

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