Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery top by Bonnie Hunter

Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt
Well,  this mystery started a year ago!  I know I work slowly sometimes... but I had actually made excellent progress on the steps as they were posted last December,  but I put it aside sometime in early spring to work on something else... and didnt get back to it.   (I had been sloppy in either cutting, sewing or both, when it came to all those  red and neutral 1/2 square triangles). 

I've decided that I don't need another queen size quilt.... and since the majority of quilts that I gift to people are larger lap throws to snuggle under,  I've decided to use fewer blocks... and not add the pieced border that is pictured at the very top of the photo.   This is beautiful and busy, just as it sits... so I'll sandwich it... quilt it... and put a binding on it.... no border at all!  This will most likely go to one of my nieces..... sure hope she likes pink, green and brown! 

The remaining units that are cut, stitched, etc?   I have an internet buddy who wants a King size... and she dislikes the string piecing process... so I'll ship my strings to her this next week..... then I'll use the remaining pieced blocks and border pieces and some neutral fabric to create another top.   Since I miscut several of those half square triangles... I won't border the churn dash blocks with them... rather I'll use the ones that are the correct size in another way.... or possibly set them aside for a different project later.   (I already have a baggie full of HST to cut down to 1 1/2"  rather than the 2" they were supposed to be.)   Lesson learned... cut carefully... stitch carefully... watch that scant 1/4"! 

I do love the way this has turned out!   Bonnie has started a new mystery for 2011 on her blog which is now in step 3.  I'm saving the steps for later... because as you see by my side bar... I have tons of projects in process that I am determined to get off the shelf and into someone's arms. 

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  1. Very nice RRCB quilt. Your niece will love it,I'm sure. I made a full sized one but have yet to quilt it up--and I'd planned on having it on my be for this Christmas! THAT aint' gonna happen this year! (Glad you're back, D.)