Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quilts for others....

I've been working on several quilts that will go or which have already gone to others, who I don't personally know, in the hopes that they will find warmth and hope around them.

This little quilt went to a young lady who's dad was killed in a surfing accident this fall.   The Windy Hill Quilters out in Corbett give to those in their community who are in need.  Each of three siblings received a quilt.  I worked on this one..... thinking that a 12 year old girl would enjoy the bright panel prints and sort of funky floral fabric.

Teen Girl Panel Quilt

This butterfly quilt is a group project at .  We have several group projects going... Quilts of Valor,  Charity projects for Pine Ridge Reservation, and a children's center for children who have been through abuse.  We also make Quilt Auntie quilts for the wee ones in the lives of our members.  This quilt will go to a little baby granddaughter of one of our members in Arkansas.   I was the quilter for this project, but it is good to know that it is  on it's way to it's proper owner.

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